Life Is Too Short For Any More “Wasted Sunsets”… Some Rockin’ Blues And Reds From Deep Purple

I will admit that I did not know this song…

I am not as big a fan of Deep Purple as my friend Michelle is… but it was more her story of what this song meant to hear that grabbed me… and the double meaning of the title… Powerful stuff, both…

The more I have listened… a lot of it as a result of some gentle, rock prodding from Michelle… the more I realize how great this band really was… in all its incarnations… This is some great Rock n’ Roll!

I have fallen in love with Deep Purple and especially the lineup here that features Ian Gillan and Ritchie Blackmore… Even more powerful stuff…

This song comes off the “reunion album”, 1984’s Perfect Strangers

Deep Purple – “Wasted Sunsets”

Check it out here.

“The day is gone
when the angels come to stay
And all the silent whispers
will be blown away
And lying in the corner
a pair of high heel shoes
Hanging on the wall
gold and silver for the blues

One too many wasted sunsets
One too many for the road
And after dark the
door is always open
Hoping someone else will show
Someone is waiting behind
an unlocked door
Grey circles overhead empties
on the floor
The cracks in the walls have
grown too long
The slow hand is dragging on
afraid to meet the dawn

One too many wasted sunsets
One too many for the road
And after dark the
door is always open
Hoping someone else will show.”

Obviously I will never know the Rock n’ Roll lifestyle… especially the one that was the ’70s and ’80s… Crazy, decadent times those were.

Luckily I have never been addicted to anything.  While it seems like a hell of a lot of fun on the outside, it clearly takes its toll.  Always better to never have started, but here in good old America, we love stories of redemption.  Both take amazing strength and dedication… and both deserve a place in the spotlight… and yes, both should be rewarded.

I like to think that staying on the straight and narrow garners much deserved attention, but in a world that runs on sensationalism and “reality” TV, sadly it does not… We tend to be more interested in the battle… in the struggle to overcome.  And that is fine.  Being a human means overcoming a lot,  Most of us do not live charmed lives.  Most of us have demons we battle every day.  Some of those battles are more public than others… Some of us hide things better than others… But we all fight and struggle in an attempt to love and be loved… to be the best human being we can be.

The goal is simple… to love as much as we can, to help others and to truly heal the world… A smile and a great attitude is infectious… So let us spread that!

A sunset is a simple and amazing thing… A time to reflect on what was the day, and what will be the night… and of course, what will be the next dawn.  It is the past, present and future in one, glorious, rainbow-colored filled sky.  Let us not waste a single one… and let us not see too many of them wasted…

I wish you all peace and love and deep, beautiful, magnificent sunsets.


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