About Marc’s Muse – 2015

“Music is the sound of life… and life is the sound of music.”

– Me

Marc’s Muse used to run the gamut between food, wine and music.  Then in March of 2011, I got really specific and set out on My Tunes: The Albums Project.  The goal was simple… listen to one album a day and blog about it… and do this for one year straight, without missing a single day. Sickness, vacations, or general malaise would not stop me.

On February 29, 2012 (technically Feb. 28, but for the leap year we’ll honor the extra day) the goal was complete. But I kept going, doing a total of 550 days in a row… meaning 550 different albums!!!

The posts are not intended to be a review or critique as much as they are about finding a personal story behind each album… my story, the artists’ story… and then hopefully your story!

Now this is about new albums, old albums, new discoveries, reconnections, concert reviews and music… the power of music.

Luckily for us, the music will never stop. It is too essential to our life’s blood.

So keep reading and stay tuned…

Musically, Cuisineally and Viticulturally Yours,


(And yes, I know I made up those last two words… Go with it!)


7 responses to “About Marc’s Muse – 2015

  1. Danielle Lieber

    Great and congrats on a well done JOB!!!

    Bisous. Zee Danielle

  2. Marc's friend Rob

    So now that I’ve taken the time (at the legal rate of $350/hour, by the way) to read all of this man’s blogs from beginning to current, it is quite clear to me that if ever anyone was meant to have his own blog for “musing”, it’s my friend Marc! And while it’s also clear to me that he is in need of a variety of therapeutic interventions and, perhaps, a sobering slap across his democratic grill, it is equally clear to me that having him in my life is waaaaay more interesting than not having him in my life. If nothing else, his musings make my issues (and responses thereto) seem a tad less pathetic. Thanks, pal…!

  3. Rob

    “And as the cool breeze rustles through your forest, think of my brother and me and men across this great nation all Gold James Bonding!”

    C’mon – that’s good stuff! Get this blog into your Favorites, people. Don’t risk missing out on literary pearls such as this… I implore you!!!

  4. Rob

    So here’s an odd confession I find myself making – The more I read of Marc’s Musing, the more intense I find my man-crush to grow. And now I read about this salt & peppa beard growth… is it warm in here, or is it just me?

    Anyway, one thing is abundantly clear: This kid can write!

  5. Adam

    Marc: Nice blog. It’s fun to read and, frankly, it reveals punctuation (or lack of it) that has never before put into print. Congrats! Adam

  6. Did you use the word, “Dang”?

    • marcsmuse

      Yes, I did and happily and purposefully so… “Wang, Dang Doodle” written by the late, great bluesman Willie Dixon was a song that Koko made famous.
      So there!

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