On March 1, 2011 I launched My Tunes: The Albums Project!  Now it will be known as Marc’s Muse –  The Music Project

Marc’s Muse used to run the gamut between food, wine and music.  Then in March of 2011, I got really specific and set out on My Tunes: The Albums Project.  The goal was simple… listen to one album a day and blog about it… and do this for one year straight without missing a day.  

The posts are not intended to be a review or critique as much as they are about finding a personal story behind each album… my story, the artists’ story… and then hopefully your story!

On February 29, 2012 (technically Feb. 28, but for the leap year we’ll honor the extra day) the initial goal will be complete.

What happens after this, I am not exactly sure.  The music will never stop.  There will always be music and albums… They are too essential to my life’s blood.  

“Music is the sound of life… and life is the sound of music.”

– Me

But I would like to bring food and wine and any general passions back into the mix, too.

So keep reading and stay tuned…

Musically, Cuisineally and Viticulturally Yours,


(And yes, I know I made up those last two words… Go with it!)


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  1. Wonderful!!!! -I’m Denise Daclan’s friend.

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