Half an Apple…

I hate it when companies have you by the balls… or in this case, by the iTunes…

For those who know me, you know I am an Apple devotee… I love all things Mac… and deep down in my heart, I do believe it is a Mac World… Damn you, Bill Gates…

This family has two lap tops… one old, one new Aluminum iBook… an iMac… and six iPods… Six!  The girls each have a Nano… and I have a very old 40GB, a refurbished 80GB Classic… an 8 GB iTouch, which I so love… and sort of got for free when I bought the new lap top… well, it was free for a while, but then cost me $100… but that is another story… and an old Shuffle that I won at a Bruce Springsteen concert at the Garden State Arts Center in New Jersey!

Perhaps I wasn’t paying attention… or perhaps it is only recently that my library went completely nuts… but my 80GB has only 74.35 GB available.  That is almost 6GB I cannot use.  Whoa!

I get it… I get that the total hard drive space is 80 gigs and that iTunes and other necessary software takes up room… but in my mind, and I am sure I am not the only one, I thought I was getting 80 gigs of usable space.

Right now I have over 16,000 songs… some of it is my daughter’s and yes Demi Lovato and Miley often make me want to take an ice pick to my own ears… but most of it is mine. Sorry, I can’t help myself… I love music… and I love discovering new music or re-discovering old music…

I’m getting off track, here… An 80GB iPod should have 80GB for music… They should have the hard drive be 85 or 86 gigs, so we’re getting the full monty… I mean the full 80.

That’s my Andy Rooney rant for the day… I’m not taking the issue to Jerry Springer or writing to Apple… Well, maybe I’ll write to Apple… Hmmm…

I just want my MTV… and to live, fully and completely in the 80s!

There, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

And here’s today’s, I need to make room for it on my 74.35 GB iPod, Listening List…

Nic Jones – When my old friend, who I really need to get back in touch with… John Wesley Harding put out his Trad. Arr. Jones, I must admit, I had no idea who Nic Jones was.  I assumed he was some old, medieval troubadour or traveling minstrel… or folk singer. Not sure where the latest push to listen came from, but here I am tracking down Nic Jones music. Penguin Eggs was found on eMusic… but I had to use “alternate means to get Ballads and Songs and Nic Jones.  This is as traditional as it gets, but it is musicality and talent is as good as it gets, too.

Most of his musical output is out of print and the label is not putting it out on CD, so good luck… But it is worth the adventure.

The Civil War – This is the show I saw at Ford’s Theatre in DC. Seeing a show about the Civil War and watching the cast sing a song about Lincoln while singing up to the box where he was assassinated was one of the most surreal experiences I have ever had. Frank Wildhorn gets a lot of heat for his “over bloated” excessive scores, but I loved this show and thought the music was great.  I will warn you this CD is a bitch to track down… and somehow I found a copy for $17! All the other ebay and Amazon listings started at $75!!!

Neil Young – One of, if not the greatest singer-songwriters of all time… I can listen to Neil any time and any place. For some reason, this week I am obsessed with his amazing song “Don’t Let It Bring You Down.”  This is not a new listen… I have probably heard it a gazillion times, but it has found me again this week.  Maybe it was that rabbit I hit…

Peace … and on this Memorial Day… we should all actually take a few minutes to remember someone who made a sacrifice for us and our country! Between hot dogs and those juicy burgers, it would be nice to say thanks!


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