lovelytheband – Lovely The Night

So for full disclosure, Jordan Greenwald who plays guitar, keys and sings back up is my second cousin’s son… And if I understand the whole cousin thing, he is my second cousin, once removed.

Regardless, I would not give him a pass just because of our relationship. If he and the band were off, I would find a diplomatic way to say something…maybe not here…but I would speak up and be constructive.

Luckily for me, and for all of you, Jordan is a kick ass musician, and also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. His stage presence is phenomenal and his talent is huge. I have had the pleasure of watching him blossom from a beginner, to a total shredder and to see him happily in a truly fantastic band is a really great thing!

lovelytheband features Mitchy Collins, of the band Oh Honey, a great pop duo, who has released a number of really enjoyable EPs. This new band is definitely a step away from the bright and poppy anti-Civil Wars, but clearly Mitchy’s talent moves in many sensibilities.

In addition to that, I got to watch him work behind the scenes a little bit, and there is a real class and kindness to him, as well. I tell you, that is a refreshing thing to see and gives me hope for the future of music. Talent is one thing, and there is a lot of it out there, but to be nice and decent on top of that is sadly unique and a real standout. So here’s hoping that will go a long way!

They band was opening for Goody Grace, and had special guests on drums and bass for the night, but will now be joined by new drummer, Sam Price (he is the one on the left, Mitchy is in the middle and Jordan is on the right)


Arriving on the Sunset Strip brought back many memories… and seeing the line of young people, mostly girls, made me feel old. It’s an odd thing when you realize you could have fathered…literally…90% of the audience. Sigh…


Once we got inside, I realized that The Roxy needs a major overhaul! They are notorious for either not running the AC or not having it work, and Monday night a few weeks back was no exception. The place is a sticky floored, sauna. The band was drenched, we were drenched… and even young women, who always seem to be freezing, were perspiring. Yeah yeah… it’s historical, but come on. It’s clearly a “confused” venue…

But that mostly did not matter… The crowd was so into this band, and the fact that this was their very first live performance gave it that extra energy boost. Though I will say, you would never have known this was a first show! This is a band to watch… killer musicianship, great songwriting, and great guys! And…they genuinely love playing together, which is infectious. The audience was eating it up!

Their seven-song set featured:
Make You Feel Pretty
Coachella Weekend
Passionfruit (Drake Cover)

The closer, “Friends” is another hooky, catchy song that had the crowd singing along. I can easily hear many of these songs on a great movie soundtrack or TV series.

Billboard claims (and thanks for the article Rania Aniftos) this “Brand-new alt trio… came together on a drunken night in West Hollywood.” I know nothing about that… fingers in my ears… but from the opening notes of their amazing, catchy and still stuck-in-my-head hit “Broken” the influence of MGMT is clear.

Mitchy says that “Broken” “is about finding someone who is just as f—ed up and lost as you are, but somehow you make it work together. Everyone is a little bit broken inside, nobody’s perfect. This song is an ode to the broken ones.” The song is utterly infectious. Again, in a good way… You want this infection, trust me!

Billboard also mentions Pixies, who I’m not sure I agree with, and Grouplove, as other influences. The last one I totally get, especially their album Never Trust A Happy Song. 

So go checkout lovelytheband! They’ll be in Chicago and New York next week, and “Broken” has hit over a million plays on Spotify. Boom!

Also special kudos to Julia, the best Merch Girl in town! MERCH!



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