By George, Bye George – The Music Never Dies

The world is in a spin… the load seems extra heavy, especially today.

Come back! 15 years gone but never out of our minds and hearts and ears… EVER.

Uncertainty, confusion and depression seem to reign. But there is sun… and it comes out each and every day… Let us hang our hats on that hope…

Let us be hopeful and optimistic… but always skeptical. We must always question… but WE MUST ALWAYS SEEK OUT TRUTH AND LOVE!

rs-george-harrison-1f4ac072-0d9c-41cf-8776-a48a68839277There seems to be two dates a year when certain music makes me sad… The day an artist I love was born, and the day they died.

Most of the time, though not always, their music makes me happy. I can listen to it without much thought that they are gone… without the reality of their passing.

I thrill in the music… the notes, the chords, the way the piece moves…
I ponder the lyrics and relate to them by what is going on in my own life… I tap into the universal truths they hit on.
I take the song for what it is… or what it was… and like any great piece of art, that song or album can change for me, depending on where I am in life, what emotional state I am in.

Great music does that… it grows with us. It starts off as one thing and becomes another. Like a great family movie that we watch as a child and enjoy on one level… and then constantly discover new things about as we grow older, become adults and have children of our own.



Watching George Harrison and The Beatles had a similar arc. They started off as boys, with an almost innocent quality… and then, always in the public eye, they changed and grew… affected by the world and its joys, as well as its horrors.

Today marks the 15th anniversary of George’s passing. February 25 will mark what would have been his 74th birthday. There are reasons to be sad, of course, as his human body is no longer with us. He is no longer actively making music… entertaining… speaking out.


And yet his soul is so alive… not only through the music he created as part of the greatest band of all time, The Beatles… but through his solo work and countless projects, including the always fun The Traveling Willburys.

mti3odgzmtq1mtu5nzawnduwHe is alive because of the good he left behind… and a true desire to have peace and love reign.

The radio can be deceiving at times… because we will hear a song… and for a moment… whether they are or not… that person… that artist or band is ALIVE. There they are, playing in our ears… touching our souls and heart… challenging our minds…

We take it for granted at times… though 2016 especially has shown us how fragile life is… and how our heroes… our own musical landscape can be drastically altered… decimated…

In fact, 2016 CAN SUCK IT…

David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell, Sharon Jones, Merle Haggard, Maurice White, Paul Kantner… and I’ll add my favorite actor, Gene Wilder to that list… and that list is staggering…


So today is one of those sad days… because we are remembering the day George died… the songs have an extra weight and gravitas… extra emotional punch… But let us also celebrate the life… the music…

Let a smile and some joy pass through those tears… and let us recognize the amazing impact he had on not only music, but causes and charities… and on life and making the world a better place.

Let us all have LOVE and PEACE ON EARTH


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