Rival Tides’ New Rituals EP – Rocking Hard And “Mixing Aggression With Positivity”


That comes from a direct quote from the band’s web site… They are a “Los Angeles-based rock band that thrives on mixing aggression with positivity.”

If you cannot say something better, then don’t! It’s a great way of describing both the band and this kick ass EP.

This five-piece unit was formed in 2012 and my first instinct was old Linkin Park, which I mean as an extreme compliment. Catchy, rocking riffs and songs you can instantly sing-along to… and want to. This definitely has that rolling down the PCH with the top down kind of feel… or windows down for those of us without a convertible.

Check out the video for the second track, “Bleed Me Out.”

The musicianship is fantastic, the vocals soar and the message in the lyrics is exactly as advertised… finding the positivity through hard rock. According to the band, “Bleed Me Out” is about an artist with something to say and limited means. Frustratingly, any number of us living in Hollywood with dreams of using our art to actually say something understand that all too well.

But you know what… you make noise where and when you can. And this album is damn good noise!

I have not heard their previous self-titled EP, so this is my entry to the group… Well, aside from running into Jason (the bass player) socially from time to time.

The band is made up of:
Robyn August – Singer/Songwriter
Jason Friday – Bass
Greg Fulleman – Drums

Spencer Kent – Guitar
Alex von Hollen – Guitar

For tour dates check out their web site.

“I Want More” is the opening track and lights the EP on fire.
“I want more
Telling you that I want more
On the day that I was born
They said I crawled into the light.”


 “Child”, according to the band is about the dangers of social media, though not in the way you’d think… though as the father of  a teenage daughter I can tell you there are many dangers of this new fangled contraption. This is about “those who believe whatever is thrown in front of them without researching for themselves and who continue to spread ignorance and hate.”

Hmmm… was this written before, after or during this current election cycle. It’s crazy how much ignorance and hate is out on the web.

“Better” is about having a good solid support group around you during tough times… such an important message given what is going on way too much and too often… and a really nice lead into the last track…

“Dark Cloud” kills me… Clearly Robyn and I were both really affected by the loss of Robin Williams (See my post from August 15, 2014) and this song is “dedicated to those who struggle with depression.”

The last chorus says it so well:

“I’m tired of these voices
I want to be whole
“Yeah, I want to break these chains
And take back my control
Take back my self-control.”

The lessons in rock and roll sometimes… often, in fact… apply to real life… and suffering in silence is never the answer! Crank it up… sing it and shout it loud… reach out for help and let your words and music save you.


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