A Most Beautiful Story… As Told In Dylan LeBlanc’s Cautionary Tale

I believe the first time I heard the opening track “Cautionary Tale” was on KCSN, and it was immediately Shazamed.

Yeah, I do like saying that… and I do remember the Shazam and Isis Hour. And yes, I just outed myself on the age front.

I Shazam a lot… but sadly, sometimes I Shazam and forget to look at the tags… and so songs and artists get lost… at least for a while.

Remember the whole reason for this blog and the creation of Marc’s Muse: My Tunes was to make sure I was not ignoring the thousands and thousands of songs and artists and albums I had in my iTunes. This blog, which started off by me listening to an album a day and blogging about it (550 straight days/posts mind you… with not a single day missed!!!) was the result.

You would think that true love is strong, that it will just thrive and grow and work all on its own… But we need to remind ourselves of it each and every day… We need to work on it… and sometimes we do that simply be being and listening.

So this is me… reminding myself of those things that I fell so instantly in love with.
Reminding myself to keep working at it… to keep living and loving… to keep listening and hearing… and to keep sharing the music.


Dylan LeBlancCautionary Tale
The other day I was walking around The Grove with my daughter… We wandered into Top Shop and as I drifted into the Men’s section… really just biding my time… I heard some amazing music.

Smart… I could have stayed in there all day. It was that good… that enjoyable… It was like those restaurants that pump out the smell of roast garlic… or cinnamon buns… or whatever scent will draw you in.

First there was Guy GarveyElbow’s front man on his solo effort.

And then… like an old friend… was “Cautionary Tale” from Dylan LeBlanc. I would not wait any longer… and when we got home I immediately (and finally) downloaded the album.

This album cuts deeply… It really, truly moves me. There is a weepy country/rock feel to a lot of it… and I most definitely hear some ghosts of Gram Parsons. There are also hints of Jim James… and Buddy Holly-type orchestrations, especially on the track “I’m Moving On”. I love it.

AllMusic says that on his “third studio long player” he is: “exorcising some personal demons while injecting some much-needed pomp and circumstance into his signature blend of breezy, ’70s West Coast singer/songwriter pop and Bible Belt-bred gothic Americana.”

They continue: “His high and lonesome croon, a velvety mix of After the Gold Rush-era Neil Young, James Bay, and Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold, sits much higher in the mix this time around, and imbues highlights like the lush and lovely Eagles-esque “Roll the Dice,” the snappy and soulful “Easy Way Out”…

Those are two of my highlights as well, though I have to say this record plays beautifully all the way through.

Aside from the title track, which is the one that initially grabbed me… and the others mentioned above, I love the strings and mood and heart tug of “Balance Or Fall.” Almost like a country take on Kurt Weil.

I am looking forward to hearing some of his older records… and definitely need to catch him live.

Enjoy the tale, my friends! Enjoy the tale…


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