Always Be In Evermotion – It Ain’t No Bluster, The Great Guster Returns With A Brand Spanking New Record

Guster – Evermotion Happy 2015 everyone. I promise not to neglect this blog as much I have been lately… My bad! I am working on something that will combine this one with the latest blog site about my journey to Israel. So stay tuned for that.

I have my brother to thank for getting me into Guster… so thanks, Dan. I have Guster to thank for keeping me tuned in. I have been listening for a while, but first saw them live last year, as the opener at the Santa Barbara Bowl, coming on before Ben Folds Five and Barenaked Ladies. That night, they were the highlight for me. They are just a very fun and talented band… but the more you listen, you realize how talented they really are.

Late last year I got to see them at the Grammy Museum, which is always a kind of musical honeymoon. It’s intimate, it’s personal and you are all right there… You get to hear the band/artists talk about their latest project, a history of their music, etc… and then usually you get to hear them perform live… in a 200-seat theatre no less! These are truly magical nights, and this one did not disappoint. Guster played mostly their new songs, performing some for the very first time, and I was instantly smitten with the new record.

They talked about how they always have the music first and then the lyrics come later… and how this record was different than anything else they have ever done, thanks to the producer Richard Swift. As I read AllMusic’s review, I almost don’t want to write one myself. They are far more musically articulate than I am… much more musically cerebral… But then again, this blog never set out to be a piece of musical criticisim… It was always about the sharing of music and the experiences that music creates for each of us. With that said, I encourage you to give it a read. The review is somewhere in the middle, and I seem to be much more enamored of the record.

My friend Jovie, who has been into the band since their start, was not so taken with it. And yes, I do like their older stuff much more, as well… but this one has some real standouts…

The tracks I love are the opener, the dreamy “Long Night,” “Simple Machine,” which sounded so great live at the Grammy…
“Kid Dreams”… which could be my life in a nutshell…
“Never Coming Down”… and yes, whistling is always fun, especially when all the guys are doing it!!
The pure pop sounds of Burt Bacharach pop up in “Doin’ It By Myself,” which to me is never a bad thing.
But my favorite has to be ”Lazy Love”, which has some really nice jangly guitar work and simple but meaningful lyrics.

This band just makes me happy… and THAT is ALWAYS a great thing. So don’t make a fuss, sir… go out and get yourself some Guster!

I don’t know… I am in the mood to rhyme today.


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