Rain Songs… Driving Between The Drops, Without Being Left High And Dry

Hello Marc’s Muse… I have been neglecting you. My recent trip to Israel has filled me with a passion and many words that need to be spoken. For those interested in following this physical (travelogue) and spiritual journey, check it out at:

This Year In Jerusalem (http://tyij.wordpress.com).

Though I just found out there is a book by that title, so hmmm… I thought I was being so clever, darn it.

Well… we sure need the rain. And if you don’t have to drive anywhere, it is a glorious thing. A grey day, a cool day, the sound of rain beating on your roof like a set of drums… a rainbow of dampened, rain-soaked leaves on the lawn.

Though you also realize the gutters are clogged… the drains are clogged… and no one in LA knows how to drive in the rain… Sorry, but true. It is a blessing and a curse.

Though it has nothing to do with rain, really… I cannot stop listening to Jackson Browne’s “The Birds Of St. Marks”. As soon as this one came out I thought, amazing! As much as I love when an artist grows and expands, this sounds like classic old JB, which I adore. Well, it turns out this was a 1970 demo that he has played live and included on Solo Acoustic: Vol. 1… so yeah, I’ll be tracking down that one, too! But

The rest of the album, Standing In The Breach needs a post of its own.

My iTunes has over 100 songs or albums with “rain” in the title… and I am going to listen to them all. Here is a list of some of my favorites…

What are your most cherished rainy day songs… With rain in the title or just those songs that wrap around you like a warm blanket on a blustery day?

Stay safe, stay dry, stay warm and stay tuned… tuned in, that is!

Adele: Set Fire To The Rain… a phenomenal song anyway… but hearing my daughter sing it for her voice lesson yesterday… WOW!

Jackson Browne: Saturate Before Using… Why not, right?

The Beatles: Rain

Grateful Dead: Box Of Rain

Ryan Adams: City Rain, City Streets / Dirty Rain

Bob Dylan: Buckets of Rain / Shelter From The Storm

Eva Cassidy: Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

The Jayhawks: The album Rainy Day Music

Donald Fagen and John Pizzarelli:  Both their versions of Walk Between The Raindrops

CCR: Who’ll Stop The Rain / Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Over The Rainbow by most anyone… but especially Iz, Eva Cassidy and 

Judybats: Waiting For The Rain

Kermit: The Rainbow Connection

Eddie Rabbitt: I Love A Rainy Night

Beta Band: Dry The Rain

R.E.M.: So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)

The Police: Shadows In The Rain

Prince: Purple Rain

Barry Manilow: I Made It Through The Rain… Don’t judge!

B.J. Thomas: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Billy Bragg: Chasing Rainbows

Tom Petty’s version of Bob Dylan’s Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers: Louisiana Rain

Brook Benton and Ray Charles: Their versions of Rainy Night in Georgia

James Taylor: Fire & Rain

Chris Robinson Brotherhood: One Hundred Days Of Rain

Counting Crows: Rain King

Jars Of Clay: Flood

Joni Mitchell: Rainy Night House

Led Zeppelin: The Rain Song / Fool In The Rain

Leonard Cohen: Famous Blue Raincoat

Les Miserables: A Little Fall Of Rain… Don’t judge.

Lucinda Williams: It’s Gonna Rain

Marshall Tucker Band: Searchin’ For A Rainbow

Neil Young: See The Sky About To Rain

The Pearlfishers: I Just See The Rainbow

Pete Seeger: A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall

Randy Newman: I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today

World Party: When The Rainbow Comes

Whiskeytown: Sit & Listen To The Rain / The Rain Won’t Help You When It’s Over

Big River: River In The Rain

Travis: Why Does It Always Rain On Me

Van Morrison: End Of The Rainbow

The Who… Love, Reign O’er Me
And not even a cheat with the tickling/raining of the keys… the thunder… and just a perfect song for the day.

Phew… and that is just a sampling! So grab a nice ‘ol mug of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and go ahead and make your own list. I’ll meet you by the fire.




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