Bruuuuuuce The Birthday Boy – A Jersey Boy Waxes Poetic

Every so often I meet someone who does not like Bruce Springsteen, and while my first reaction is always one of shock and confusion, I quickly follow up with a: “Well, have you ever seen him live?”

If they say “yes,” and they still don’t like him, I just move on.  There is no hope in that scenario, and that poor soul is just lost and misguided.  Now, there are a few people who say they respect Bruce, they just don’t like his music.

Ummm… What… ever (Delivered in a Valley Girl voice).

If they say “no,” they have not yet seen him live… then there is hope for salvation.  For that is exactly what a Bruce show is… Rock n’ Roll salvation.  It is as close to a true religious epiphany and experience as I have ever had… or will ever have… I think… And an experience so joyous and powerful that it sticks with you and gets you through some rough times… as does the music on its own.

A Bruce show is energy… passion… bliss…

You feel it in your heart… your brain… your groin… your soul.

It is immediate… it is motion… It IS Rock n’ Roll.

I have never met Bruce… and yes, I would love to.

I have never seen Bruce play “Meeting Across The River” live, which still kind of kills me… If he plays four nights and I go three out of the four… guess what song I miss???  This has happened multiple times.  AAGGHH!

Aside from that one, if I had to pick my top five favorites, it would be:  “Growin’Up”, “Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)”  (Yes, I miss Clarence deeply and cried heavily when I found out he had passed…), “The River” and geez… this is not easy… but at least for right now… “She’s The One.”

That’s the thing about Bruce… I truly love almost everything he has done.  Sure I have issues with Human Touch and that whole period… but “With Every Wish” is another song I absolutely adore.  It is just so poignant and powerful.  I have similar issues with Lucky Town, but “If I Should Fall Behind” is truly one of the best love songs ever written.

Bruce is a Rock n’ Roll star… a legend… but he is also a bit of a nerd and can sometimes be goofy and awkward.  I love that.  It makes him real… human.

He is rich as shit, yet still has a genuine connection with the common man (and woman) and has never lost his roots… ever.  He is sincere and deep… and connected to causes and issues.  He puts himself out there, completely… fully… totally…

His concerts will move you and give you hope… truly.

They will literally lift you out of your seats and make your spirits soar.

Bruce is a gift… a blessing… He is music in a time when we need music most… when we need a message… when we need a light at the end of the “Tunnel Of Love.”

Bruce Springsteen is Rock n’ Roll… and for that I say thank you… and Happy Birthday.

Now let’s get together… and please… please, let me see “Meeting Across The River” live.





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3 responses to “Bruuuuuuce The Birthday Boy – A Jersey Boy Waxes Poetic

  1. Patrick O'Connor

    Actually it is a ridiculous day for birthdays. Not only Bruce but Brother Ray and John Coltrane. And my mother, a great rock and roll fan as my brother tells in this story: ” I had gone to see the Rolling Stones back on November 8, 1969 at the L.A. Forum (the ‘Altamont tour’). They played two shows that night. I had a ticket for the second show when the Stones didn’t go on until 4AM (they were apparently ‘running late’). The lines were so long at the few payphones the Forum had that if I had stood in line to call and tell my parents I was gonna be late getting home I would’ve missed the Stones. I finally got home long after sun up. Dad was furious. When I told him that I would’ve missed the Stones if I had called him he shouted “I DON’T CARE!” (Dad didn’t shout very often). Mom, who had quietly been taking all of this in finally said to Dad in a calm voice: “Well, Honey…it IS the Stones.” This as you can imagine didn’t placate Pops at all but I realized how cool my mother REALLY was.
    One time not long before she died we were sitting at home watching an old 1980’s clip of Blondie on VH1 (Dad was already asleep). Mom, who dug Debbie, watched quietly for a while and then suddenly blurted out: “I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL!…I HATE ALL THIS NEW MUSIC!” (the ‘new’ music being the current popular music of the 2000’s). I laughed and said I couldn’t agree more. It was a great bonding moment not just between Mother and Son but between two people. That’s one of the great things music can do.
    As always…I miss you, Mom.

    btw in the late 80’s she asked us to take her to see Bruce. Forget if it was the Coliseum in 1985 “Born in the USA” tour or “Tunnel of Love” at the Sports Arena. One of the two. We weren’t all together but Grace from NYC and all five of her Jersey Boys were in the house.

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