Loud Music, High Energy, Classic Rock & Fantastic Guys… Ladies and Gentlemen: Cheap Trick

A buddy of mine once said that sometimes your heroes turn out to be assholes.  When you discover this… when they say something horrible… or when you meet them and this happens, it is a sad, sad day.

The exact opposite of that is when your heroes turn out to be even cooler and nicer and more gracious than you could imagine.  Enter Cheap Trick.

The band was one of my first Rock n’ Roll loves… Steve Miller BandFleetwood Mac and Cheap Trick were some of the earliest music I went out and bought.  And yes, relax… so were The Beatles and Bruuuuuuce.

I will never forget Howard, a dear family friend explaining to me what a cheap trick was, exactly.  Hmmm… I was a rather innocent young lad and did not know that… NICE!!!  And yes, it made me love the band even more.  They were funny… irreverent… rebellious and rocked the shit out of things.

And 41 years later… Wait… Let me repeat that… 41 YEARS LATER… they are exactly the same.

Bun E. Carlos no longer tours and plays with them… In his place is the young, super cool and fantastic drummer Daxx Nielsen… yes, Rick’s son.

Rick Nielsen plays every kind of guitar imagineable… Robin Zander shreds on vocals and rhythm guitar… and Tom Petersson plays a fricking 12-string bass… What???!!!

The band is such a source of pride in their native state of Illinois, that April 1st is officially Cheap Trick Day!

Thanks to my buddy Brad, we got to hang out with the band before their LA County Fair show… and they truly could not have been any nicer.  They made us feel welcome and appreciated, which is something they bring to the stage as well.  This is a band who cares about their fans… cares about each and every show… and just rock it!  Robin said he had a sore throat that night and was not feeling well… Ummm… Dude… you may actually sound better now than you did back then… if that is possible… and you were sick???  Seriously, it was amazing… He got on stage and just killed it.  And yes, he was drinking tea and making sure the chords were warm whenever he could, but he did not miss a single beat!

This band are absolute and consummate professionals.

The set was short (14 songs), but hit many of the highlights… though I could easily see the boys play for at least another hour or two.  Unfortunately time is limited at the Fair.  Kansas, with a brand, spanking new lead singer, was the opener.  They were pretty good as well, but just do not get the party started like the boys from Rockford.

“Surrender” is not only  my favorite Cheap Trick song, but also one of my favorite songs, period… and of course a staple at every show.  I also love the cover of Big Star’s “In The Street,” which was the theme/opening song for That ’70s Show!

Hard Rock n’ Roll… Amazing energy and passion… fun and joy… and flying guitar picks… That is what makes a Cheap Trick show so great.  And we came SO close to getting the Live At Budokan album with picks on it… Dab nab it!

After the show we got to hang with the band a little more, and they were just fantastic… and spent quality time with everyone.  So the concert made you feel great… the band and the whole crew made you feel welcome and great… and THAT is what Rock n’ Roll is all about.  A special thanks to Jim and Carla as well.  What a night… and one I will NEVER forget!!!

  1. Hello There
  2. Elo Kiddies
  3. Big Eyes
  4. Ain’t That a Shame
    (Fats Domino cover)
  5. California Man
    (The Move cover)
  6. Lookout
  7. She’s Tight
  8. I Know What I Want
  9. In the Street
    (Big Star cover) (That 70’s Song)
  10. I Want You to Want Me
  11. Dream Police
  12. Never Had a Lot to Lose
  13. Surrender
  14. Goodnight





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