Silence = Death… Why Music, Words And Speaking Out Will Save Us

The media is having a field day with Donald Sterling’s heinous comments.  His message is disgusting and his beliefs are horrid.  The focus of most of this should certainly be on the message… and how we can learn from it and overcome it.  But it saddens me deeply that we are so far away from enlightenment… so far away from just looking at people as people… different, yes, but the same.

“If you prick us, do we not bleed?
If you tickle us, do we not laugh?
If you poison us, do we not die?
And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”

Okay, so maybe we need to work on that last part… Instead of revenge, perhaps we can evolve and grow and move to a higher plane.  Just a thought.  I am not saying to shy away from a fight, especially a fight that needs to be fought.  Hitler… Stalin… and unbelievably, there is still genocide in the world.  How is this happening?

Aren’t we are all tired?  Aren’t we over hatred and racism and sexism yet? If not, when can we be???  What’s the point of it, really?

This moron in Kansas went to kill Jews, and yet all three of those he murdered were not Jewish.  His warped ideas, anti-Semitism and bitter hatred lead him to kill those he might consider his own people.  There is no point.

None of us should ever say that one is better than another… that one color is better… one sex is better… one man marrying one woman is better… This is basic living 101… or at least it should be.  And how, after so damn long, is it not?  Why do we continue to hate so much?

If people live honorable lives, where they are just striving for love and peace and happiness, what negative effect does this possibly have on us???  If anything, this should be a beacon, a shining model of how to live.  Be happy and generous, love whenever you can, with an open mind and an open heart, and help people as often as you can… Help heal the world.  This is not some idealistic mumbo-jumbo.  This is simple and pure and powerful.

The saying goes, don’t kill the messenger… though in this case, she is a piece of work, too… apparently with a history of seducing old, rich men and getting money from them however she can.  The whole thing is repulsive.  And yes, it opens up a dialogue.  But I’ll be honest… I’m sick of the dialogue.  It’s redundant, and it should be unnecessary already… but frustratingly it is not.  Hate gets us nowhere and it is such a waste of time and energy.  Look what it does to our bodies… look at how stress literally breaks us down.

I’ve said this a bunch of times in the last week and I’ll say it again… “Life gives us tragedies, so let us not make our own.”

Once again we all have to speak up… and use our words to refute what one, ignorant and hate-filled man said.  And he is ONE man, in this instance.  He does not represent a gender or a religion or even a family.  He is one, misguided individual.  Please let us remember that.  I am okay with speaking up… In fact, I encourage it.  The power of language is strong.  It can change the world… and yes, the pen is mightier than the sword.  Or, in this case, the fingers on a keyboard…

I dream of when this is behind us… and I know I will not see the end of such hatred in my lifetime… but maybe… maybe my daughter will have such incredible fortune.  It will take words… honest, open words, and communication and respect.

From the beginning of those first musical notes, music was used to move people and bring them together.  It was also used to speak out in terms of protest songs.  Let songs lead us to a better place… a better world.  Music is something we can all share.  We do not always need the same language, to understand the message… all we need to do is listen… really listen.  Then sing.  I don’t care what notes you can hit or not… okay, maybe I do… but let your heart sing.  Let it out.

And yes, we need to speak up… we need to speak out…

But for the love of everything, let’s stop having the same conversation over and over… let’s get past the basics and move to something deeper and richer.

Silence is not the path.  Silence gets us nowhere.  In fact, it leads to horrible consequences, and so we must also use our words to express our own sadness and confusion and ailments.  Holding it all inside until it explodes and bubbles over is way too dangerous.  Just look around and see this for yourself… our neighborhoods, our family and friends and even in ourselves.

It is hard to understand the violence out in the world, yet if one watches the news every day it’s right in front of us… murders in Chicago… crime everywhere… and Maren Sanchez, a 16-year-old Connecticut honors student, stabbed to death, supposedly because she turned down a prom proposal.  This is when speaking up is essential.  Most reports are saying her killer was a good kid… no one saw it coming… and we hear that damn cliché way too much!!!  He was a quiet kid… he was a good kid… etc., etc.

Do people suddenly snap?  Clearly they do… and we do not want to all be paranoid alarmists… worried about the smallest things… and crying Wolf… but someone must have had some inkling… someone must have heard or saw something… maybe… And this kid himself must have felt something snap in his own mind… I have to believe that you cannot be that violent out of nowhere.

So please… speak up, speak out and confide in a friend or family member… or a stranger or a  help hotline.  Scream out for help as loud as you can.  We must not judge mental health nor any of these issues, for we do not yet fully understand them.  The mind is a powerful thing.  It can play tricks on all of us… mess with all of us.  Do not ever be afraid to ask for help.  Just look at the consequences when we don’t.

Not much about music today… sorry.  But these words needed to be spoken.  Perhaps they’ll wind up in a song… if not by me, by someone else.  However the message gets out there is key.  I guess I could say go and put on your favorite song… blast it out your windows… dance with your neighbors.  Share!

I’ll also say this:  Sing… scream… shout… but do not ever be silent!






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