New Wave Wednesdays – 1, 2, 3… ABC… And Defining The ’80s With “The Look Of Love” For Me

Before I begin, I just wanted to share my Spring Listening Playlist with you… Some old… some new… and all rocking my April…

Do The Beast, the new record by The Afghan Whigs came out yesterday and so far, from what I have heard, I really dig it.  I am already deeply in love with the song “Algiers.”  I’ll get to that album soon.  David Gray has a new one coming out soon, too!  The current single is the stunning “Gulls.”  Yay for music.

I am having a Renaissance of a few bands/artists:  Maximo Park (they also have a new one I have not heard yet)… and of course, they are playing the Troubadour the night of my daughter’s lead turn in the Spring Musical… AAAGGGHHH!!!  Foo FightersVenice (Yes, they also have a wonderful new Double Record out!!!)… Billy Bragg and Marshall Crenshaw to name a few

New, or fairly new discoveries include:  Little Comets… fantastic band… HozierSomeKindaWonderful (just one song out so far, but what a song “Reverse” is)… Bear’s DenWhite VioletMargot & The For Me  So and So’s… and Girl in a Coma…

Special shout outs to Julie Slater and Out On A Limb on KCSN, David Dye and WXPN, Noisetrade and KCRW for most of these new finds!

And to round out the rest of the playlist:  Neon Trees, Tyler Lyle, South, Flight of the Conchords, Lake Street Dive and Pharrell Williams… Okay, you know what “Happy” is one of the best Pop sings ever, and listening to him talk is so damn inspirational.  And I do contend that if you do not like that song, you have no soul.  There!  I said it.

Now… on with the show…

Speaking of infectious tunes…

ABC – “The Look Of Love, Pt. 1”

So sometimes I do an album, sometimes I do a concert review… and sometimes I do one song… Do meaning discuss, blog, post…

And today I am picking one song, but not because that is all this band has to offer.  By my account ABC is not a one-hit wonder, as they had at least three major hits… “Be Near Me”, “Poison Arrow” and this one… and many of their other tunes are immensely enjoyable… Yet this song, at least for me, helps define the ’80s.

Sounds of David Bowie… visuals of Mary Poppins and a whole lot of airplay on MTV make this song and its imagery indelible.  Perhaps you had to be a child of the ’80s, but these songs are so much a part of who I am.  They come on the radio… well, Satellite radio nowadays… 😦 … and I am smitten all over again… singing… dancing… smiling.  And isn’t that the key?

Something doesn’t have to be Beethoven or Bach, Beatles or Beach Boys, to be a good, solid song.  Then again, to each his own.  If you do not like this, fine… but don’t rain on my musical parade.  We are not here to judge, per se, we are here to enjoy… and find the music that helps us through.

 This one came to us in 1981, from their debut album, The Lexicon Of Love.

“Part One is the standard album version, Part Two is an instrumental version, Part Three is a vocal remix and Part Four is a short acoustic instrumental part of the song, containing strings and horns, as well as occasional harp plucks and xylophone.”  Thanks, Wikipedia.

More pop than rock… more dance than disco… “The Look Of Love” is just one of those songs.  From proms to parties, this song helped make memories and continues to give me joy.  And really, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?  Finding joy in music and the simple things… Realizing that our lives have much more value when we focus on people, not things… places not palaces… and above all… happiness and love.

Am I sucker for the sap… for the pop… for the infectious hook?  Maybe I am.  So what.  I can rock with the best of them… But I also love what I love… So if you are going to look my way, please give me “The Look Of Love.”  And to quote David Bowie… “Let’s Dance.”



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