New Wave Wednesdays – Don’t Tie The Tubes… Down.

I first saw The Tubes on SCTV.  I thought they were crazy… Great, but crazy.  They were the musical act… I think several times… but Fee Waybill and the boys also did some bits.  Who were these wacky guys?

Then they became a huge part of my musical life… The Completion Backward Principle came out in 1981 and wowed me with “Talk To ‘Ya Later” and “Sushi Girl”.

1983’s Outside Inside gave me the monster and most infectious “She’s A Beauty” and “No Not Again”, and also “The Monkey Time” and “Wild Women Of Wongo.”

They were a staple on MTV and on my stereo.  How many times have you seen the above videos???

These songs just make me happy… and make me move… No thoughts… just pure and utter joy!

And yes… I wanted Fee’s hair… especially now!!!

I have seen them play The Canyon Club… and also got to see Fee play with Venice at one of their amazing benefit shows for the arts at SAMOHI (Santa Monica High School).  Venice just announced they are taking a well deserved year off from this event, so do not miss their return in 2015.  Speaking of which… their new double album, What Summer Brings is fantastic and a post on that is long overdue.

But now… back to The Tubes.

For today’s listening pleasure I will do what I try to normally avoid, and suggest you give a spin to The Best Of The Tubes (1992), primarily because it has everything in one place!  But you are also encouraged to give the previously discussed discs full listens.  You will be more than satisfied if you do.

The band was formed in San Fran in the ’70s… but it is the aforementioned hits, and MTV that catapulted them to ’80s stardom.  And their live shows… While I saw them way after the fact, apparently the early live shows were insane.

Wikipedia says: “The Tubes put their creativity and art skills mainly into their live performances, in which songs could be full-fledged production numbers, from a beach movie parody for “Sushi Girl”, to leather clad S&M hijinks in “Mondo Bondage”, to the game show antics of “What Do You Want from Life?” At their peak, their live act featured dozens of other performers, including tap dancers and acrobats. The Tubes’ stage productions were choreographed by Kenny Ortega…”

That would have been something!  Where the heck is that DeLorean???

Ah well… I’ll just have to go back to the ’80s in my mind… which I often do anyway… and dance and sing at the top of my lungs.  And yes, this embarrasses the HELL out of the 13 year-old daughter.  Oops!

And guess what that makes me want to do even more???  Yup!  You got it, friends!!!

So go and dance and sing as loud as you can… Life is a musical and we are the soloists and the chorus and the book writers.

Speaking of which… I also HIGHLY recommend Big Fish – The Original Broadway Cast Recording.  Got to see this on B’Way before it closed… It was such a stunningly beautiful show and the album is a joyous reminder.

Other current listens include…

A Bear’s Den… stellar harmonies for fans of Fleet Foxes and that kind of psychedelic folk.

St. Paul & The Broken Bones (retro soul and funk… and if you love Alabama Shakes, hold on to your socks!)

Mogwai – Instrumental Post Punk… and gorgeous rock.  Their new one Rave Tapes is killer.

Lake Street Dive… a most delicious jazz/rock mash-up and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  LOVE this band!!!

So crank it up and rock out, friends!  Rock out!!!





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