New Wave Wednesdays: What A Trade… Tears For Fears – The Hurting

Happy 2014.  May this year bring us all immense joy, huge amounts of happiness, buckets of bliss, fantastic, good health, massive career success, loads of laughter and lots of love, love, love… All you need is love.  Well, the other stuff comes in quite handy, too… especially the almighty dollar!

My apologies, as I never put together my annual year-end list, but I still may just do it.  Stay tuned for that.  I know many of you have already lost sleep over this… But think of it like the Emmys, that take place waaaaaayyy after the season that the awards are being handed out for.

So… This is an album I posted about two years ago.  I do not like to do repeats… and have not done many, but this record brings up a question I only touched upon in the last post.

Do sad and depressing records make you more sad and depressed or less so?  Talk amongst yourselves… and then comment… send me a note… let me know.

Seriously, this can be a legitimate study.  And also let me know which albums you find particularly sad and depressing… or which albums you turn to when you are sad and depressed… the ones that turn you around… and turn that frown upside down.

Boy, I am using the words “sad”, “depressed” and “turn” a lot, aren’t I?

So… I remember hearing about a study a little while back, and it implied that sad songs actually make us happier… or less sad… Hmmm… I am writing a song about just that.  Lyrics are done… I just need someone to help with the music.  So I guess right now it is just a poem… a lovely little diddy…

The good thing about doing a repeat album or song, is that I can be a bit lazy and quote myself…

Shhh… Okay, I’ll literally put quotations in, so you’ll know when I am doing that.  It is truly not vanity, really… I don’t want to say laziness, so fill in the blanks… ease… efficiency…

“On one hand, I might say this is one of, if not the most, depressing albums ever recorded…

On the other hand, it reminds me of high school and college and some really great times.  Strange… I can listen to this when I am happy or when I am sad… Perhaps not as intently or intensely when I am happy, but…” (Yes, that was an example…)

Clearly when one is happy, one is also, most likely, not truly letting the lyrics in… You may be singing along, but they are not entering your body… your soul… for if they were, watch out!

Tears For Fears – The Hurting

“This is the debut record and came out in 1983.  To be honest, I think I missed a lot of the depth of despair on this initially.  I know… how could I miss lyrics like “can you please explain the hurting” off the great title track “The Hurting.”  Or “I find it kind of funny, I find it kinda sad.  The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had…” off “Mad World.”  I didn’t.  I was never that obtuse, even as a youngster.  Those came through loud and clear and followed me to college… But… I think when we are young, hopefully, things just roll off us a little easier… Obviously, the goal is to have things run off later in life, too, but sometimes that is just wishful, meditative thinking.  Believe me, I have also listened to this record in a very dark, lonely room.  It took a while and some age to make it really resonate.  Either way, there is something riveting about this record.”

Three hit singles:  “Mad World”, “Pale Shelter” and “Change.”  I love “Change”!!!

Also “Suffer The Children” and “Start Of The Breakdown” are up there for me.

With an album this extreme, it is possible to look at your own situation and realize it is not as bad as all this… and that is where the mood change can come in.  I mean we all have issues… things we are dealing with… days where we are sad and depressed… Damn!  I said it again.  Certain songs can keep us in that zone, or break us out of it.  But I believe it is also dependent on our own intention.

A few weeks back I was having a particularly hard time, and I kept playing Joe Bonamassa’s live version of “Sloe Gin” over and over and over.  My buddy Rob told me I should probably stop… but I think I wanted to wallow in it for a bit… I needed to live in that place, let myself really feel the depth and despair… and that song will take you down… way, way down.

But on a good day, I can turn right back to it and get something completely different out of it.  Appreciate it as a masterpiece and an amazing song, and just keep it on that level.  Such is the power of the blues, as well.  And Joe, of course.

Not to take you off of TFF, but give this a spin, too… This is a good, sipping “Sloe Gin” my friends… Go easy!

Wikipedia says this about The Hurting: It “showcased synthesiser-based songs with lyrics reflecting Orzabal’s bitter childhood. The Hurting may be considered Tears for Fears’ only true concept album, as references to emotional distress and primal scream therapy are found in nearly every song. The album itself was a big success and had a lengthy chart run (65 weeks) in the UK, where it reached no. 1 and platinum status.”

Nearly every song???  Wow… that makes me feel a bit better… NOT!

I know we all try to mask the pain… make it go away, but sometimes we need to admit it’s there… let it wash over us… I’ll refrain from overusing my own phrase “Musical baptism”… but acknowledging sadness and pain is healthy…  but of course, then finding a way out is even healthier!

Find happiness, my friends… seek it out… run to it.  Follow your bliss.

And one last quoting of myself to send you off… “Remember, out of great pain comes great art… Out of torn pieces comes a repaired whole… and out of broken hearts come the best love songs.”


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