Life Is Too Fast And Furious… We Rush And Roll The Bones, Sing James Taylor And Learn That We Are Only Immortal For A Limited Time

Rush – Roll The Bones
Back in April of 2011 I wrote about this amazing album, and while I do not love to repeat, several songs from it just jumped into my head.   I love Rush, and Neil Peart’s lyrics resonate with me.  They profoundly move me and affect me so very deeply.  His words are so powerful and philosophical… and yes, they live in kick ass Rock n’ Roll.

Three of the songs from the album move me to tears.  Simply reading the lyrics touch me… a poetic life lesson to be sure… and some things and ideas we should keep in mind every day.

I went back to that old post, and ironically here was part of my first sentence… “given the looming government shut down, and the disgust I feel for all politicians at this moment, perhaps I’ll take a vacation up north for a little rest and a medical check up.”

Crazy, right?  The more things change, they less they fricking change!!!

I just got home from a holiday party, already feeling a bit on edge, when I turned on the computer and saw that Paul Walker had passed away at age 40.  I was immediately overcome with sadness.  Never worked with him… did not know him… but it hit me… rather hard.  So far we know he was a passenger in a car that lost control and he was coming from a charity event.  He leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter… so I can relate… a lot.  Obviously because he was a movie star, this will make the front pages and get a lot of attention… But by all accounts, Paul was a great guy… and losing a good one is tough, especially in this mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.  So thoughts to his family and friends.  Sadly, we all know people die tragically every day.  Life is the most beautiful, painful, wonderful, tragic thing we will ever experience.

When someone dies young, anyone, I cannot help but be self-reflective… questioning my life choices and seeing how far away I am from my goals and dreams… and perhaps even true happiness.  I know I am moving in the right direction, but wish I was further down the road.

Breathe… Breathe… We have to take pride and joy in those steps forward, no matter how tiny.  We have to celebrate where we are, fully embrace it… every part of it… the good and the bad.  Feel it all… Learn from it.  Yet we must also know and believe that what lies ahead is worth striving for and inaction will simply stagnate us.  Move… move…

To quote James Taylor:
“Singing oh, it’s enough to be on your way.  It’s enough just to cover ground.  It’s enough to be moving on.”

That song came to me as I was writing this… Hell, that song comes to me often.  That’s what I love about music… It is a constant companion… a comfort… it comes to us in times of need and joy and gives us insight and lessons… It moves us and moves us… literally… metaphorically… in spirit and body… in tears and in dance.  Music moves us… brain, heart, soul, legs, flailing arms… Keep it tight… keep it tight… bite the lower lip… Sorry… white man dance…

Needed a little levity.  Here are the three Rush songs that immediately came to me… Let the music and especially words wash over you.

“When we are young, Wandering the face of the earth.
Wondering what our dreams might be worth.
Learning that we’re only immortal, for a limited time.”

Roll the Bones:
“Why are we here?  Because we’re here.
Roll the bones, roll the bones
Why does it happen?  Because it happens.
Roll the bones, roll the bones.”

Ghost of a Chance:
“I don’t believe in the stars or the planets
Or angels watching from above.
But I believe there’s a ghost of a chance
We can find someone to love and make it last.”

Life is random… Take a chance… We’re only immortal for a limited time, so grab for happiness and bliss and joy… reach for love… always reach for love.  It is truly within our grasp.

Rest in peace, but journey with gusto and vigor and desire.


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