New Wave Wednesdays – I May Not Be Handy, But I Could Always Get The Knack

I guess I could age myself pretty well just by saying that so much of the music from the ’80s and New Wave in particular, was the backdrop to many a make out session… and many a “my parents are out-of-town, so let’s have a party” parties.

No, Mom and Dad… I actually never did.  Girls making out, yes… Parties, surprisingly, no.  Dan???  I am gonna bet my brother had a party or two… Sorry, Dan.

So much of the music just makes me smile… and I really don’t care if you liked The Outfield or not.  It helped me play.  Get it?

But The Knack… oh, The Knack was so much more for me.  I remember waiting for this record with such anticipation… such joy…


The Knack – Get The Knack

Get The Knack

So when I made my “New Wave” list I went through all the bands I loved… and then looked up New Wave on Wikipedia, and filled in the list from there.  Many bands fit into a variety of categories… and to be honest, I might put this one more in the straight Rock and Pop genre, but it’s the ’80s… I love it, and there you go.

I adored this record from start to finish… every song was great.  Of course we played “My Sharona” and “Good Girl’s Don’t” 697 times… but man, listening to this from start to finish is pure bliss…

I was still young enough to giggle when they sang “wishing you can get inside her pants” and “Til she’s sitting on you face (and it hurts) “… and yes, as a harmonica playing adult, I love jamming to that song.

As light and innocent as this record is, life alters things for us… gives them depth and dimension, and changes our perceptions and understandings, and… there is now an overwhelming sadness when I stop and think about this record and band.  Almost three years ago we in the Valley lost a great guy in the band’s leader, Doug Fieger.  I did a post on it back then, and the fact that he went at 57 freaked me out… You can only imagine I feel a lot more mortal three years down the road.

The last time I saw the band was at the music shell in Warner Park in Woodland Hills… I wrote back in 2010: “Doug was so gracious and funny… He seemed just like a local, regular guy who coached his kid’s teams, gardened his own lawn and happened to be a huge rock star in the 70s and 80s… The show was great fun… and of course hearing those songs live, so many years later… a total kick in the head.

What is slightly odd, is that now that I am thinking of it, I believe their original drummer, Bruce Gary had died only a few days before that show.  I remember hearing the news going into the show… and I am fairly certain Doug made mention of it from the stage.  Strange.”

So there is that… and I hate that these thoughts of mortality and sadness now creep into the music I used to kiss and dance to.  The lightness is slightly darkened.  But that is life… and we need to push those thoughts aside and just enjoy things as they are.

Let the thoughts exist, but don’t let them weigh you down… Good music can and does make us fly.

Wikipedia says:  “Within months of their live debut, popular club gigs on the Sunset Strip, as well as guest jams with musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Ray Manzarek, led to the band being the subject of a record label bidding war. (Bruce Gary was well-known in the LA session scene; this became a source for later tensions.) They ultimately signed to Capitol Records.”

Their time as a band was short… basically 1977-1982.  Though they had a few fits and starts later on, it never really brought them back…

But we still have these 12 Rock/Pop/New Wave Gems to wash over us and heal us, like a musical baptism.

So rock and dance or just kick back… but either way, feel the power of music, and heal!  This one is for you, R.


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