New Wave Wednesdays – Will Work For Money… Then I’ll Be One Of The Men At Work

So yeah, if you’re reading this… hire me.  I write.  I also act and play the harmonica.  With my nose if I have to.

It is what it is, right?

And now back to our scheduled program… or as the Python would say… “And now for something completely different.”  Man, I love those guys… and the love and respect and admiration has only grown over the years.

Men At Work – “Overkill”

I am guessing this band has been discussed before, as they have had an amazing impact on my life, both as a kid in High School, and as an adult in the form of the amazing Colin Hay.  Yeah… went back and checked.  The last piece was in April of last year, on the passing of Greg Ham.  The sax and flutes you hear… that was him.  Amazing… indelible.

I talked about Greg, of course… and also wrote:  “If you ever get a chance to see Colin Hay do his solo stuff and acoustic versions of Men At Work, RUN!  Seeing him alone on a stage with just a guitar is one of the most incredible evenings I have ever had.  Seriously.”

Man is amazing… I am due for a fix.  Think he was just here, too!

So… I am not going with a whole album today… busy day… mind is reeling… sleepless nights…

Nor am I going with the more iconic or “classic” tunes.  Why not?  Because I can and I am the boss of me.  Sorry, that sounded conceited… But those are songs that you all have in your iTunes, that you all know and hopefully love… and I am in the mood for a deep track.  Hey!  This one got radio play… it’s not like I’m pulling something completely out of left field… it’s got a smokin’ sax solo… Thanks, Greg… and you get two versions.  Both the Men At Work one (classic MTV video, by the way)… and the Colin Hay solo version give me great pleasure… and this may, in fact, be my favorite Men At Work song.

I wrote of the band back then:
“One of my most special memories is being in the high school cafeteria for performances of Nights of Drama.  This was the evening of theatre we would put on, and it would usually be a short play or two and then a longer piece.  We would get our energies up by blasting music and dancing around… and the areas that usually served cruddy lunch food (except pizza day) would become our personal dance floor and dressing rooms.  ’80s rock reigned supreme… and Men At Work was always playing!  I will never forget those magical nights.”

So there was Glee… way before Glee!

The lyrics of this song have always hit me… and have always stayed with me… and they are definitely hitting me right now… Maybe they were even playing in my brain… on a sleepless night… There have been a few of those lately.  Did I mention that?

“I can’t get to sleep
I think about the implications
Of diving in too deep
And possibly the complications

Especially at night
I worry over situations
I know will be alright
Perhaps it’s just imagination.”

So here are the two versions for your pleasure… Enjoy…

Men At Work

Colin Hay


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