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Life Is Too Fast And Furious… We Rush And Roll The Bones, Sing James Taylor And Learn That We Are Only Immortal For A Limited Time

Rush – Roll The Bones
Back in April of 2011 I wrote about this amazing album, and while I do not love to repeat, several songs from it just jumped into my head.   I love Rush, and Neil Peart’s lyrics resonate with me.  They profoundly move me and affect me so very deeply.  His words are so powerful and philosophical… and yes, they live in kick ass Rock n’ Roll.

Three of the songs from the album move me to tears.  Simply reading the lyrics touch me… a poetic life lesson to be sure… and some things and ideas we should keep in mind every day.

I went back to that old post, and ironically here was part of my first sentence… “given the looming government shut down, and the disgust I feel for all politicians at this moment, perhaps I’ll take a vacation up north for a little rest and a medical check up.”

Crazy, right?  The more things change, they less they fricking change!!!

I just got home from a holiday party, already feeling a bit on edge, when I turned on the computer and saw that Paul Walker had passed away at age 40.  I was immediately overcome with sadness.  Never worked with him… did not know him… but it hit me… rather hard.  So far we know he was a passenger in a car that lost control and he was coming from a charity event.  He leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter… so I can relate… a lot.  Obviously because he was a movie star, this will make the front pages and get a lot of attention… But by all accounts, Paul was a great guy… and losing a good one is tough, especially in this mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.  So thoughts to his family and friends.  Sadly, we all know people die tragically every day.  Life is the most beautiful, painful, wonderful, tragic thing we will ever experience.

When someone dies young, anyone, I cannot help but be self-reflective… questioning my life choices and seeing how far away I am from my goals and dreams… and perhaps even true happiness.  I know I am moving in the right direction, but wish I was further down the road.

Breathe… Breathe… We have to take pride and joy in those steps forward, no matter how tiny.  We have to celebrate where we are, fully embrace it… every part of it… the good and the bad.  Feel it all… Learn from it.  Yet we must also know and believe that what lies ahead is worth striving for and inaction will simply stagnate us.  Move… move…

To quote James Taylor:
“Singing oh, it’s enough to be on your way.  It’s enough just to cover ground.  It’s enough to be moving on.”

That song came to me as I was writing this… Hell, that song comes to me often.  That’s what I love about music… It is a constant companion… a comfort… it comes to us in times of need and joy and gives us insight and lessons… It moves us and moves us… literally… metaphorically… in spirit and body… in tears and in dance.  Music moves us… brain, heart, soul, legs, flailing arms… Keep it tight… keep it tight… bite the lower lip… Sorry… white man dance…

Needed a little levity.  Here are the three Rush songs that immediately came to me… Let the music and especially words wash over you.

“When we are young, Wandering the face of the earth.
Wondering what our dreams might be worth.
Learning that we’re only immortal, for a limited time.”

Roll the Bones:
“Why are we here?  Because we’re here.
Roll the bones, roll the bones
Why does it happen?  Because it happens.
Roll the bones, roll the bones.”

Ghost of a Chance:
“I don’t believe in the stars or the planets
Or angels watching from above.
But I believe there’s a ghost of a chance
We can find someone to love and make it last.”

Life is random… Take a chance… We’re only immortal for a limited time, so grab for happiness and bliss and joy… reach for love… always reach for love.  It is truly within our grasp.

Rest in peace, but journey with gusto and vigor and desire.


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Signed, Sealed And Delivered I’m Yours – Dear Music, Thanks For The Gift

My parent’s basement is where much of my “old” music lives… In addition to vinyl, there are quite a few carrying cases filled with hand written cassette tapes.  At least I hope they’re still there… It’s been a  while since I have been down there… Please let them be there, please…

Stopping… breathing…

Some store-bought cassettes… some whole “records”… but the majority seem to be mixes and compilations.  Back then we did not give much thought to a copyright or the idea that this might not be so good for the artist.  It wasn’t malicious, just naive I suppose.

We also were not sending song after song into the ethernet… because there was no internet.  We bought the music and if we were lucky enough to have a double cassette deck, we could carefully time the play back and recording and almost feel, in a small, silly way, that we were in a studio, a sound engineer or mixer and… Okay, maybe not…

But we would then share and trade the music by handing off a cassette to our pals… or… if we were in love or heavily in like, we would make an infamous Mix Tape to communicate our feelings… to say all the things we couldn’t say on our own… to let the music and other musicians be our Cyrano de Bergerac.

Ah, the mix tape… which has now given way to the Mix CD… or simply a list of mp3s dropped in a cloud or a box.  It’s still romantic, just… different.  The thought that goes into each track, each sequence… The music, the lyrics, the tone… It’s quite a thing.

Individual songs being placed in such an order that they form a beautiful, cohesive whole… a journey.  Yes, a good DJ does this everyday, but… this is more personal… specific.

I buy as much music as I can… support as many artists as I can… go to as many live shows as I can.  But to be honest, without a little sharing, I would be broke.  Sharing music opens up our ears to new sounds, which we will hopefully then go explore more fully on our own.  It opens up our hearts to new loves… not just the ones we are exchanging music with, but the artists… We can actually fall in love with a sound, a song, an album and of course, the musician who creates this magical, musical landscape.

The power of music is astonishing.  A song can change our mood, lift our spirits, motivate us and yes, break us down to tears.  It serves as the background to many of life’s essential moments… proms, weddings, funerals… and the foreground to some of our most precious and lasting memories… Our first concert, seeing our favorite band live, dancing with a love, or a daughter or son… sharing music and moments… Or perhaps even randomly wandering into a music club or a record store and discovering someone who may transform our lives.  That’s happened… more than once.

With music you are never alone, even in a darkened room, with only you and a stereo.  More ideally, in a darkened theatre or arena, filled with thousands of people you’ve never met.  Music is communal, which is why sharing it with another person is so potent and essential.

Giving someone the gift of a song can be miraculous.  And while it should be an unselfish act, the reaction is quite often remarkable.  It’s like the call and response in jazz… that miracle happens between two or more artists, so in synch, so connected.  Two different sounds… two different instruments, maybe… but unison… connection… synchronicity and sympatico…

When you gift someone a song and it washes over them, and moves them and takes them to another place, it is a joy beyond words.  A musical baptism is a phrase I often use (Not bad for a nice Jewish boy from Jersey).  Music is bliss, and watching it enter the ears and yes,  eyes… mind and yes, soul of another… Ahhh… “Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.”

The world would be a better place if people shared more music, let it deep inside to touch their souls.  And the fact remains that nations who share a cultural exchange get along better and understand each other more.  Yes, simply through the exchange and sharing of music, dance and art.

So on this Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks for my family and friends… and I give thanks for music.  For the music I have given away, and for the music that has been given to me.  For the music I have made, and the music I have yet to make.  It is a mighty thing, that allows us to climb a mountain or topple it… to sing at the top of our lungs, or sit quietly, in deep meditation.

Music could be everything to everyone, but at the moment it is so much more to some.  To those who let it move their soul, spur their minds and touch their hearts, I give a special thanks.

May you be surrounded by wonderful tones, dance on a melody, sing unabashedly out loud as you walk down the street, and live your life in glorious harmony.  May your home be filled with love and warmth, health and happiness and great food and music.

Let us always say what we mean, give thanks for what we have, and let us always, always make and play music.

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Sunday Morning Music – Outside And Inside Dave Van Ronk

I have not read the book The Mayor of MacDougal Street: A Memoir by Dave Van Ronk.  I hear it kicks ass.

It’s on my list, along with 500 hundred other must reads.  I literally have a pile of books on my nightstand, to match the pile of magazines I have sworn I was going to read.  Not enough hours in the day… but still… There is a wealth of words out there, and I need to get to many of them.  Everyone says this book is great and truly captures a time and place that I am infatuated with.

Which was why I was so excited to see Inside Llewyn Davis, the Coen Brothers new film.  It made me realize how much I needed to go back and listen to the source… the man, the myth, the mayor himself.  Frustratingly, I did not love the film.  I wanted and was expecting it to be even more about the NYC folk music scene.  That seems to be more of a setting than anything else in this character study of a film.  Don’t get me wrong, there were things I found fascinating and loved about it (like the stellar music… and the deep and honest look at the struggles of an artist) and even the worst Coen Brothers film is going to be better than most, but… I just wanted more music and history and less of a character study.

The character of Llewyn is based on Dave and in the movie is played by the magnificent Oscar Isaac.  He even sings the glorious “Hang Me, Oh Hang Me.”  I so love this song, both renditions.

According to Wikipedia:  “Van Ronk was a widely admired avuncular figure in “the Village”, presiding over the coffeehouse folk culture and acting as a friend to many up-and-coming artists by inspiring, assisting, and promoting them. Folk performers whom he befriended include Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, Patrick Sky, Phil Ochs, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Guthrie Thomas, and Joni Mitchell.”

“Joni Mitchell often said that his rendition of her song “Both Sides Now” (which he called “Clouds”) was the finest ever.”

So of course I had to listen to that, as that song is one of my favorites of hers… and his voice, with a rasp and gaps and an almost broken quality is at once human and stunning, but not in a traditionally defined way… What gives him beauty is the honesty and truthfulness with which he sings.  Good stuff, that.

Dave Van Ronk – Inside Dave Van Ronk

Well, there is the title of the film… Yes, I just got that… But this CD is now actually two albums combined, Folksinger and Inside Dave Van Ronk.  While there are not songs quite as silly as “Titanic Mantra” and “The Whores of San Pedro” from his album Going Back To Brooklyn, this one does range from the sublime to the more talk/singy tunes like “Mr. Noah”.

“Chicken Is Nice” is kind of goofy… but I just do not care for those songs as much… I think I just prefer his singing voice to his talking one.  Go figure… and I definitely prefer the “traditional” folk stuff…

My highlights are of course the gorgeous “Hang Me, Oh Hang Me”, “Cocaine Blues”, “He Was A Friend Of Mine” and “Silver Dagger”.

The weather is cool, the sky is clear, and this is a perfect Sunday morning record.


PS – My friend Patrick just sent me this video… Great stuff with Nanci Griffith… Enjoy more now…

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New Wave Wednesdays – I May Not Be Handy, But I Could Always Get The Knack

I guess I could age myself pretty well just by saying that so much of the music from the ’80s and New Wave in particular, was the backdrop to many a make out session… and many a “my parents are out-of-town, so let’s have a party” parties.

No, Mom and Dad… I actually never did.  Girls making out, yes… Parties, surprisingly, no.  Dan???  I am gonna bet my brother had a party or two… Sorry, Dan.

So much of the music just makes me smile… and I really don’t care if you liked The Outfield or not.  It helped me play.  Get it?

But The Knack… oh, The Knack was so much more for me.  I remember waiting for this record with such anticipation… such joy…


The Knack – Get The Knack

Get The Knack

So when I made my “New Wave” list I went through all the bands I loved… and then looked up New Wave on Wikipedia, and filled in the list from there.  Many bands fit into a variety of categories… and to be honest, I might put this one more in the straight Rock and Pop genre, but it’s the ’80s… I love it, and there you go.

I adored this record from start to finish… every song was great.  Of course we played “My Sharona” and “Good Girl’s Don’t” 697 times… but man, listening to this from start to finish is pure bliss…

I was still young enough to giggle when they sang “wishing you can get inside her pants” and “Til she’s sitting on you face (and it hurts) “… and yes, as a harmonica playing adult, I love jamming to that song.

As light and innocent as this record is, life alters things for us… gives them depth and dimension, and changes our perceptions and understandings, and… there is now an overwhelming sadness when I stop and think about this record and band.  Almost three years ago we in the Valley lost a great guy in the band’s leader, Doug Fieger.  I did a post on it back then, and the fact that he went at 57 freaked me out… You can only imagine I feel a lot more mortal three years down the road.

The last time I saw the band was at the music shell in Warner Park in Woodland Hills… I wrote back in 2010: “Doug was so gracious and funny… He seemed just like a local, regular guy who coached his kid’s teams, gardened his own lawn and happened to be a huge rock star in the 70s and 80s… The show was great fun… and of course hearing those songs live, so many years later… a total kick in the head.

What is slightly odd, is that now that I am thinking of it, I believe their original drummer, Bruce Gary had died only a few days before that show.  I remember hearing the news going into the show… and I am fairly certain Doug made mention of it from the stage.  Strange.”

So there is that… and I hate that these thoughts of mortality and sadness now creep into the music I used to kiss and dance to.  The lightness is slightly darkened.  But that is life… and we need to push those thoughts aside and just enjoy things as they are.

Let the thoughts exist, but don’t let them weigh you down… Good music can and does make us fly.

Wikipedia says:  “Within months of their live debut, popular club gigs on the Sunset Strip, as well as guest jams with musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Ray Manzarek, led to the band being the subject of a record label bidding war. (Bruce Gary was well-known in the LA session scene; this became a source for later tensions.) They ultimately signed to Capitol Records.”

Their time as a band was short… basically 1977-1982.  Though they had a few fits and starts later on, it never really brought them back…

But we still have these 12 Rock/Pop/New Wave Gems to wash over us and heal us, like a musical baptism.

So rock and dance or just kick back… but either way, feel the power of music, and heal!  This one is for you, R.

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Sunday Afternoon Music – Going Deep In The Ocean With The Steve Miller Band’s Sailor

When I was a young lad I took things at face value.  I did not question much… did not push authority.  If someone said something, I usually took them at their word.  But taking things a step further… probing… exploring… These are good things to do… Important things.  It’s not that you’re disrespecting what is presented, you just want and need to get the facts for yourself… to discover things on your own.

I wish I had been a bit more rebellious, a bit more inquisitive, at least back then.  It eventually came to be for me, but I am not sure why it took me so long.

Strangely, this happened with music, too.

I grew up on Classic Rock radio, which was fantastic.  It defined my tastes and favorite music, and while I also listened to a lot of albums, it seems I took the current fare as being all there was.  I did not often go to the well… to the back catalog… to the “early stuff.”

I listened to what was out… and a lot of “hits.”  Not the case any more, not even close… though that made for a lot of catch up… not catsup… or ketchup… Come on you crazy people.

I guess we all come to things on our own time, on our own schedule.  Life is what it is, and we arrive when and where we’re supposed to, when the time is right.  I often say I am 10-20 years behind and while I have time to make up, I don’t want to rush.  I want to take it all in… AND live to 120.

The Steve Miller Band – Sailor

SMB was my first “favorite” band… Book of Dreams and Greatest Hits 1974-78 were in regular rotation for me.  But strangely I did not go back, back until much later on.  And this one is a brand new find for me…

I had been streaming it on Spotify, but only picked up the remastered CD at Amoeba the other day… Damn…

I came to this album because of seeing Boz Scaggs at UCLA.  This one has three of Boz’s tunes… “My Friend”, “Overdrive” and “Dime-A-Dance Romance”. He also plays on it… and the record was produced by the legend, Glyn Johns.  That’s some cred and pedigree right there.

First off, Steve plays some killer harp… Killer… And since I am in a harmonica renaissance this is a great listen for that alone.  In fact… I’m stopping writing to play along with “You’re So Fine”… but damn he likes those high notes… They scare me a bit at the moment… I tend to play in the middle… something I KNOW I need to get over.  Wish you could hear us… We sound pretty damn good.

Okay… played that three times…

The album opens with the very psychedelic “Song For Our Ancestors”Pink Floyd immediately came to mind… but then so did My Morning Jacket… especially their trippy “Victory Dance”.  Maybe it was the calling of the foghorn… though MMJ’s seems to be more of a ram’s horn.

And this is a good example… when I was a kid I would not have even understood the whole psychedelic thing… even though I was listening to Floyd early on… I did not come to The Dead until I was in college… Stupid.

Steve Miller is clearly, obviously and wonderfully Blues based, but I did not take the time to really explore the Blues til college… I know… I know… But I am here NOW!

AllMusic says this:  “Most definitely a part of the late-’60s West Coast psychedelic blues revolution that was becoming hipper than hip, Steve Miller was also always acutely aware of both the British psychedelic movement that was swirling in tandem and of where the future lay, and how that would evolve into something even more remarkable.  The result of all those ideas, of course, came together on 1968’s magnificent Sailor LP.”

“Dear Mary” has elements of The Beach Boys… and some George Martin/Beatles horns… but also something I could see the Hippies slow dancing, too… or other things…

The radio hit on this one is “Living in the U.S.A.” and in my younger days I probably would have… no… sadly I DID miss the rest of this most delicious serving, limiting my limited palate to the main, flashy entree.

But this is one perfect meal.  The flavors linger delightfully… and have me looking through the full menu/back catalog of SMB… Children Of The Future and Brand New World here I come.  And some of the later stuff, too.  The later release, Bingo is now on the list, as well.

I like AllMusic’s conclusion… “At their blues-loving best, Sailor is a classic Miller recording and a must-have — especially for the more contemporary fan, where it becomes an initiation into a past of mythic proportion.”

No wonder why they were my first favorite band!!!  And on May 16, 2014 they will be playing the Hollywood Bowl with Journey!!!


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New Wave Wednesdays – Will Work For Money… Then I’ll Be One Of The Men At Work

So yeah, if you’re reading this… hire me.  I write.  I also act and play the harmonica.  With my nose if I have to.

It is what it is, right?

And now back to our scheduled program… or as the Python would say… “And now for something completely different.”  Man, I love those guys… and the love and respect and admiration has only grown over the years.

Men At Work – “Overkill”

I am guessing this band has been discussed before, as they have had an amazing impact on my life, both as a kid in High School, and as an adult in the form of the amazing Colin Hay.  Yeah… went back and checked.  The last piece was in April of last year, on the passing of Greg Ham.  The sax and flutes you hear… that was him.  Amazing… indelible.

I talked about Greg, of course… and also wrote:  “If you ever get a chance to see Colin Hay do his solo stuff and acoustic versions of Men At Work, RUN!  Seeing him alone on a stage with just a guitar is one of the most incredible evenings I have ever had.  Seriously.”

Man is amazing… I am due for a fix.  Think he was just here, too!

So… I am not going with a whole album today… busy day… mind is reeling… sleepless nights…

Nor am I going with the more iconic or “classic” tunes.  Why not?  Because I can and I am the boss of me.  Sorry, that sounded conceited… But those are songs that you all have in your iTunes, that you all know and hopefully love… and I am in the mood for a deep track.  Hey!  This one got radio play… it’s not like I’m pulling something completely out of left field… it’s got a smokin’ sax solo… Thanks, Greg… and you get two versions.  Both the Men At Work one (classic MTV video, by the way)… and the Colin Hay solo version give me great pleasure… and this may, in fact, be my favorite Men At Work song.

I wrote of the band back then:
“One of my most special memories is being in the high school cafeteria for performances of Nights of Drama.  This was the evening of theatre we would put on, and it would usually be a short play or two and then a longer piece.  We would get our energies up by blasting music and dancing around… and the areas that usually served cruddy lunch food (except pizza day) would become our personal dance floor and dressing rooms.  ’80s rock reigned supreme… and Men At Work was always playing!  I will never forget those magical nights.”

So there was Glee… way before Glee!

The lyrics of this song have always hit me… and have always stayed with me… and they are definitely hitting me right now… Maybe they were even playing in my brain… on a sleepless night… There have been a few of those lately.  Did I mention that?

“I can’t get to sleep
I think about the implications
Of diving in too deep
And possibly the complications

Especially at night
I worry over situations
I know will be alright
Perhaps it’s just imagination.”

So here are the two versions for your pleasure… Enjoy…

Men At Work

Colin Hay

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Suburban Blues – Buddy Guy Plays The Canyon Club

Blues In The Key Of Suburbia… Blues in Suburbia… Blues In Some Bourbon… Any of these titles would work.  It’s just a matter of nuance, I suppose.  Well, the last one is (at least I would to like to think so) a clever word play and a little something extra.  Hell, Buddy talked about drinking… and we all talked about what was in that tea-cup of his, on stage… all guessing what it was that he called his “medicine.”

There are not many Bluesmen left… or women… Sadly, they seem to be a dying breed.  I thank the heavens for going to school so close to Chicago and being smart enough to go out and catch many of the greats… Albert Collins, Albert King, Willie Dixon, Koko Taylor, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Junior Wells… and of course guys who are still kicking it like James Cotton, B.B. King and Buddy Guy.

I missed a lot of the mainstream bands at the time… not sure why… So odd… But I saw a lot of blues… especially after I started playing the harp… That’s harmonica for y’all out of the Blues loop.  That also brings up yet another regret… Okay, I need to stop with that… because at this point I just regret having regrets…

Yes, I left Chicago way too early on.  Should have given it and The Second City a full go… Sigh… and the other day I realized how long it has been since I have actually played the harp regularly… Way too long.  I could have been a master by now… They would have been calling me Little Marc… or Magic Marc… or… or…

Why did I bring that up?  Because seeing and hearing and experiencing the blues for me was defined in Chicago.  That is my touchstone.  And I hate to say it, but nothing else comes close.

In Chicago you could wander into a club, drop five or 10 bucks… and see a master… a legend… Sure if it was a huge name you might have to plan ahead, but the scene was a lot more casual and a lot more alive.. and the sets would go to two in the morning… or later!  Oh man!

There is nothing wrong with seeing the blues out here… out in suburbia… especially when it’s so close to my house… but… it’s different.  It just is.  I know that going from town to town is the way to save the music… keep it alive and vital… share it with the people, but I miss those days of wandering around the city just randomly picking a place… Biddy Mulligan’s, B.L.U.E.S., etc… Mama Rosa’s… Kingston Mines…

So we go to the Sunset Strip… to the House of Blues… We go to the Blues nights at the Hollywood Bowl… and the Greek… and out to Agoura to The Canyon Club get our fix… If we are lucky, we make our way out to the Arcadia Blues Club and catch a legend… or a should be and hopefully will be legend like Guitar Jack Wargo… I know he’s a friend, but I am telling you, this man can play and shred and will simply blow you away.

The Blues had a baby and they called it Rock n’ Roll!  So support your music daddy… Listen to the Blues!  Buy the records!  And go out there and find it live…

Buddy Guy – The Canyon Club (Sunday, November 10, 2013)

Maybe it was because it was a Sunday… but the packed house was a little subdued… I mean don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of folks into it… but not an across the board thing… which was… strange…

Buddy would say something… like mentioning his latest, double CD and the applause was a bit… tepid…

Okay… you know what it is.  It’s not that LA crowds are not into the music.  They are… It’s that LA crowds… many times… are too afraid to let themselves go… to allow themselves to become a part of the music… to let their arms flail and their bodies move and give in to the sounds.  They keep it at a distance.  Keep it in that tight, safe circle.  I say screw it.  The music needs to get into your soul and come out of your ass… which I mean by shaking your bootie.  It needs to move you across the floor… and who the hell cares what you look like as long as you feel it… Says the guy who keeps his eyes shut and makes funny faces while playing the harp!

But even with that… Buddy played… Man, did he play!

Buddy played the guitar with his teeth, his ass, his crotch, a drumstick, a towel and oh yeah… a pick and his fingers… He cussed and told stories and was having a hell of a time… Watching him is a joy… and his band… Wow!  Each and every one of these guys will blow your mind!  So tight… so right…

Orlando Wright on bass… the amazing and super friendly great guy, Ric Hall on guitar… Tim Austin on drums… and I have never seen the likes of Marty Sammon on keys… talk about putting your entire body and soul into the music.  Damn!  They did a call and repeat at one point that slayed me.

I cannot find a setlist anywhere because he does not use one… and I sure wish I could find out what song had him signing:
“I don’t drink because I like it.
I drink to ease my weary mind.”

Goole gives me nothing.  Bastards… He opened with “Damn Right I Got the Blues” and then launched into a great set, including: “Five Long Years”, “Someone Else Is Steppin’ In (Slippin’ Out, Slippin’ In)”, “Rock Me Baby”, “I Want to Get Close to You”, “What’d I Say?”, “Meet Me in Chicago”, “Skin Deep”, “I Just Wanna Make Love To You”, some “Voodoo Child” and “Sunshine Of Your Love” and one of my all time favorites “Messin’ With The Kid”… Yes, I first heard it courtesy of The Blues Brothers… but Junior Well’s version of the Mel London tune is my favorite… however he does it… and he recorded it A LOT.

At one point Buddy walked off stage, through the green room and billiard room and played by the bar on the left side of the house… I could not see a damn thing… and could not or did not make my way over there… Stupid… I did not want to lose my space… and it was a bit too congested.

The crowd went nuts… Reminded me of the times Albert Collins would walk out on to the street corner, and play… never missing a note from the time left the stage and walked out the door to the time he climbed back up… Awesome…

I figured someone would post it… but I have yet to see a thing… Come on, Agoura!  Maybe that is my issue with the blues in the suburbs… Everyone had their damn iPhones and cameras out… but where is the video?  Or maybe I just miss the Windy City…

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