New Wave Wednesdays – Still Modern… Still Melting… Still Playing In My Mind… Modern English

We are all deeply passionate about the music we grew up with… fiercely so.  We look to those bands as heroes… and their songs, anthems.

It doesn’t matter what is written about them or how they are reviewed or perceived.  We will defend them.  They could have one hit, or many.

We will know all the words and will sing them out loud at concerts, or by scaring the drivers next to us as we roll down the windows, rock out, and roll down the freeway.  Man, we can be loud.  Who cares?

We may even acknowledge that there are better bands and better styles and genres… or perhaps that the music we loved back then has not exactly stood the test of time.

Though that doesn’t matter, does it?  We brush off a dated lyric or sound and declare them our favorite band of all time.  Screw what anyone else says or thinks.  They just don’t get it.

This is OUR music.

When we go to a concert of theirs we look around at the crowd… sizing them up… Who saw them back in the day?  Who is a true fan?  Of course, we are happy to see a younger, newer, good-looking group… those “coming around” to better music… real music… But we also think to ourselves… Are they older than I am… bigger… less good-looking???  We are so damn insecure… judgemental… and yes, okay… perhaps I am speaking for myself.  But am I?  Am I???

I will always be a child of Classic Rock.  That is what I first heard on the airwaves… the first albums I owned… No, the Sinatra, Nat “King” Cole and Andy Williams records I stole/rescued from a garage sale for .25 each from my folks do not count… I’m talking Bruce… Fleetwood Mac… Steve Miller Band…

The Blues, Jazz, Soul and R&B will continue to be my grandparents… educating me… informing me… and making me realize where my music actually came from.  They are my history, my map and my musical guideline.

But the songs I heard for my first kiss, first date, high school dances, college parties, fraternity socials and dances… those are the songs that define me, or at least the ones that play most frequently over my rapidly fading memories and the vintage movies in my mind.

So let the cameras roll… let the projectors hum to life and gain speed, and illuminate their beautiful imagery on a white sheet, set up the den of the house I grew up in.

Welcome to New Wave Wednesdays!

Since I won’t want you to see what is coming, I will go random off the list I compiled of every New Wave band I could think of… thanks to Wikipedia and the web.

Some bands are classified as New Wave, but would also easily fit in other categories…

Should I publish my list so you can add to it?  Or just have you tell me what bands you might want to see posted?  Surprise is more fun, don’t you think???  But feel free to send me your New Wave bands and albums of choice… I’ll look forward to things I missed!  Though, I do not miss much… he says with a wink and a nod.  What an ego!

Enjoy… and check back every week for the next New Wave Wednesday post!!!  Sometimes a band… sometimes a song… sometimes an album… Whatever strikes me… and hopefully, whatever strikes you.

Today we’ll go iconic… at least for me… A song that has been in my brain for the last few weeks and just started playing again… I am sure it never actually leaves the stereo deck… just needs to be moved to the top of the record pile from time to time.  Sometimes it does that on its own.  Spooky.

Modern English – “I Melt With You”

Okay, so the hair does not stand up… well… actually it does.  That is part of the problem… But this song still holds such power… such romantic strength and hope.

You know a song means something to you when an amazing montage starts to play in your mind from the very first note.  Dancing… kissing… hoping… High School… College… Life.

This one was on the 1982 album After the Snow.  Sorry, but I really don’t think I owned that one… or heard it all the way through.  Something I am remedying today… For me, it is all about MTV… Damn, I loved my MTV.  Serious, mad love… and Valley Girl from 1983.  And of course, too many life events to mention.

Rhino Records (Hire me, hire me…) has several fantastic collections/compilations of New Wave songs.  Think of them as edited versions of your musical life… the Cliff Notes, the movie trailer…

I often wished my life was a John Hughes film… At least I had and can still have the music!

So catch the New Wave… and you’ll be sitting on top of the world.


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