This Damned _+)(*&^%$%^&*()*&^%$ Skunk… Denouement And Lessons Learned (Part 6)… Yes, This Is Really, Truly The End

Okay, this is it… Really… I needed something to tie it all up… A brief thing… and then all the lessons I have learned… in what will be now known as THE LOST WEEK… or THE SKUNK WEEK… like skunk weed, but not… get it???

On a quick music note… I am IN LOVE with the song “Catch The Wind” by Donovan.  Thanks, Andy Chanley and 100.3 The Sound.  The wind themed 10 at 10 was what I needed to blow the jasmine through my mind and clear out this mess!

Friday (Day 6)
I woke up this morning, eyes bloodshot and watery… nose clogged… feeling sick.  All because the windows were shut and the fan was off???  This is not good.

One last thing… Found an Asian Herb and Tea shop in Thousand Oaks… What is the difference between and Asian Herb shop in TO and one in Chinatown?  I am guessing at least $8-9.  The guy was great… really nice… but $14 for White Sage???  Ouch.  For the record, you can get it online for $5.50!!!

Then I went next door to a small Indian market for the Champa Nag… Did NOT like the way it smelled, so I bought an incense called Tuskair instead… Sandalwood… cheap… $2.99 for a box of the incense… and pretty nice.

The $14 White Sage is really hard to keep lit… You have to stay on top of it… Aaaggghhh!  Like I need something that requires more effort???  But it smells like a cross between good pot, juniper and a smoked wood dish at a Chinese restaurant (is there such a thing?)…

So yes, my house now smells like an international food court.  Fine, I’ll take it.

Thanks to all of you for your recommendations and suggestions and help.  It kept me sane…

And to give back to you, here is what I have learned… in case, heaven forbid, this happens to you.

1)  If your beloved pet is sprayed… DO NOT ALLOW THEM IN THE HOUSE!!!  Hard with a small dog who can get taken by so many of the backyard critters… and because she did not yelp or bark, I thought it was something else… but this is key!!!

2)  If they do happen to get in the house, especially if you are an idiot and let them in… DO NOT LET THEM ROLL ALL OVER THE CARPET AND THE COUCH AND YOUR BED AND SPREAD THIS HEINOUS, IMPOSSIBLE TO GET OUT, SKUNK OIL!!!

And it IS an oil.


3)  IMMEDIATELY CLOSE ALL WINDOWS AND DOORS, UNTIL THE SPRAY AND ODOR FROM OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE IS GONE.  I opened ALL the windows, thus letting more odor in.  (*&^%$#%^&*()_*&^%$#!@#$%^!!!  Yes, I am that good AND that smart.

3A)  DO NOT RUN THE AC.  Unless you want the odor to be in rooms the dog has not even set foot in… Picture Homer Simpson on this one… DOOOHHH!  So yeah, that is why my WHOLE HOUSE STINKS!  I am an idiot… I am an idiot…

4)  GET A SEPARATE TUB, one you may be okay with tossing… and BATHE THE DOG OUTSIDE IN THAT TUB!!!

5)  The Vet suggests TOMATO JUICE and basically pasting it on your animal and letting it get dry and crusty before removing it.  She says this is safest because if the dog eats it, it’s fine.  My dog eats her regular shampoo and conditioner, so go figure…

6)  For me the mix of 1 QUART HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – 1/4 CUP BAKING SODA – 2 TSP. LIQUID DISHWASHING SOAP seemed to really do the trick… Thanks for this tip. folks!!!  Though it made my dog’s skin pink and raw… So sorry, sweetie… and I still smell the skunk in spots, it seems to have worked better than the Tomato Juice.  The issue with my Pup, is that she seems to have gotten the brunt of the spray in the face… and they say to make sure, of course, you avoid the eyes, nose and mouth with this solution… which leads me to…

7)  If your dog is sprayed in the eyes… apparently they can be BLINDED for up to 2 days… Give your animal SIMPLE SALINE EYE DROPS or TEAR REPLACEMENT EYE DROPS.  Something simple and natural and NOT VISINE!!!

8)  TRY EVERYTHING, because every single person has an opinion… Yes, you know the saying… but many folks have experience with this kind of thing… and so many people being truly concerned was great.

Here is a list of what you all so generously suggested…

Vinegar – Laurie said to try this… I did not boil it… too lazy… but I did put it out in bowls in many of the rooms… Really adds a sweetness to the air… but I cannot tell if it just a mask… Many sites will tell you to throw some vinegar into really stinky laundry… and even in a dishwasher, so there you go.  I would imagine the boiling knocks out the impurities, so…

Coyote Urine and Citrus – Laurie mentioned the coyote urine… NOTHING works in this area… And I am sure the coyotes already piss all over my yard.  (Once found a decapitated rabbit…)  Oh yeah!

Have tried human air… coffee grounds… dried blood… Nothing.  The critters LAUGH.

Rita and Denise B suggested the orange peels… and Denise suggested fixing the fence.  Orange peels are all over the yard now… We shall see… and I am getting estimates on a snake fence, which will help with the crawlers and slitherers, but not the jumpers like the coons and the burrowing squirrels… Oh yeah… different and WAY WORSE than tree squirrels… Trust me!

The Gonzo – Thanks to Betsy, who suggested the “bags of volcanic rock” that a skunk removal guy suggested to her… They say this is more for the musty odors after a flood or water damage… and again, at this point I cannot tell what is what… but these things last forever… and every 8-10 months you simply put them out in direct sunlight for the whole day, to refresh them and get them back to full strength… 7 bags at $7 a pop is not bad… and the odor did seem to subside once these were placed.  They do leave dust, so put them on something.  I used paper towels under each bag!

Clean Air – This product comes in a container and you place it where your AC blower and filter go.  Not bad… Looks like hair gel… and kind of citrusy and a little citronella… and SO much better than the jar of black balls they also had… I have now put my nose right up against the vents… and NO SKUNK… Wow… Okay, this one is a keeper.

White SageCayte and Bobby both suggested this.  Pretty good scent… See above… but get in Chinatown or online… I got ripped off on this big time… But necessity and desperation means getting ripped off… Sad, but true, right?  The guy who sold them was really nice and these seemed like a prepackaged variety as opposed to the glass jars of other herbs he had…

Tuskair – I actually went next door from the Chinese Herb shop, per the owner’s suggestion, to a small Indian market… prepared food, packaged food… a ton of stuff… How cool and a great little discovery… All on TO Blvd.!!!  I was looking for Nag Champa (Cayte), but the smell was way too intense.  The gentleman in there recommended the Tuskair… a lovely Sandalwood smell… and only $2.99 a box.  Sold American!  Or I guess Indian… This is something I would burn all the time… Though right now my throat is on fire from all the smoke!  But the place smells pretty good.

Skunk-Off Liquid Soaker (Amazon) – Did not get to try this, but Vicki swears it works… My local pet store guys suggested the next item… and I am not sure if they had this one…

Petastic – A natural enzyme solution that smells great.  Issue is, you have to apply it and re-apply it A LOT it seems… In Day 6 I still get whiffs of the skunk on her… and that is after how many baths???

Febreeze – According to Shea, the professionals use the Unscented.  It is stronger and works better… and of course… NO ONE out here has it… Really???  I used the Classic Scent, but between that and the Air Wick (cheap) and Febreeze (pricey) hot oil diffusers… yuck… The variety of scents and spices must have been what actually sent my sinuses into a tizzy.  I will be returning ALL of those… And searching out UNSCENTED FEBREEZE.  Amazon, here I come…

Baking SodaPaulette and a few places on-line suggested this.  I added it to the tomato bath… and tossed it on the carpets and vacuumed it off.  It does absorb scents, so I think it worked… and now my rugs can bake cakes.


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