Beauty, Loud And Clear… The Silencers And A Blues For Buddha

It seems that winter may be already over in LA… Strangely, I hate how quickly it moves through the Southland.  I’d love to cling to that scarf and sweater just a little longer.  I’m not talking about Chicago cold… that is too often brutal and quite literally numbing… but just a little more cool… a little more rain… a little more grey… Just a touch.

But here I am in LA.  The trees are blooming, the air is filled with chirping birds, and today, there is not a cloud in the sky.  I took Bozie for a walk this morning and had some moments of true serenity and calm… Breathe, baby, breathe.

My goal for the future is simple… to always be present and live in the moment, and what comes, comes.  I heard Cindy Crawford, my first and way too-short-lived crush at Northwestern, say something similar this morning.  She said it was unrealistic to try to be happy every day, but the thing you CAN do, is be present every day.  Man, I dig that… and yes, I still have a MAJOR crush on Cindy.

So how does one truly become present?  I think you start my quieting the clutter and chatter in your brain.  Become comfortable in your own skin and just take in all that is around you.  There is great beauty in the world and all it takes to enjoy is the opening of all of your senses.  There is majesty right in front of us… so open yourself up and let inside.

So that was it… I knew today’s album had to be one of beauty… one that took me to another place, literally… metaphorically… visually… aurally…

I opened up the kitchen door to let in a nice breeze and it hit me almost immediately.

The Silencers – A Blues For Buddha

So many of my classic rocker friends do not understand my obsession with British Power Pop.  I wish I could win more of them over…

I know most of them will at least give a listen… but this music is something special and well worth embracing.

If you read this blog, you know I am partial to the pop bands from Scotland… And there are many, many great Scottish Pop bands… Trashcan Sinatras, The Pearlfishers, Teenage Fanclub, Travis, Belle & Sebastian. Simple Minds, the Proclaimers (who will be at McCabe’s next month!!!), Deacon Blue, Mogwai (considered more post punk or post-rock…) and Del Amitri… to name a good number.

Part of that love is because I spent a glorious month in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival… part of it is for a lost lass named Louise, who I spent too little time with… and part of it is because Scotland is often where my brain goes when it needs beauty and calm and moments of past glory.  I have no family tartan… and not a Scottish bone in my body, but the music calls to me… it moves me… and enlightens my weary soul.  A single malt, some blood pudding or blood sausage… fish and chips with brown sauce and vinegar… all things I had firsts with in Scotland…

And now we all get to share this music.

SRM gets credit for introducing me to this band… and his love for Scotland exceeds my own.  Enjoy, my friends.

AllMusic says they “are consistently melodic and occasionally breathtaking. The optimistic, horn-driven “The Real McCoy” (the “be do, do be do do, be do do” is infectious) and the surging, pop-savvy “Razorblades of Love” are examples of the latter.   The title track is a bit heavy-handed (the similarly themed “Walk With the Night” works better), but even the weaker songs are still fairly enjoyable.”

I guess this album did not do well when it came out, but they did have a bit of a hit with the great track “Scottish Rain.”  This and “Answer Me” are my two faves.  I love the mix of pop and traditional Scottish music.  I just do!  And yes, while there are none here, I DO enjoy the bagpipes!  So just let yourself go and be swept away… and remember to always be present.  Life is beautiful and so are you.


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