Come On In, The Water Is More Than Fine – Matt Pond And The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand

Yeah… it’s New Music Tuesday… though this should have been out last week…

Sorry… stuff came up that required blogging attention!


PA is gone… No, not the state of Pennsylvania.  Sorry, Republicans.  The artist formerly known as Matt Pond PA… is now just Matt Pond… and he has a beautiful new record out.

I believe he is based out of Brooklyn now… Who woulda thunk that the birthplace of my Mom is now the bastion of the indie music scene!

Clearly his collaboration with producer Chris Hansen is working out well.  They are making some great music together.  You should also check out The Dark Leaves.

I  had to go back to my old posts to see how I even discovered him… I believe it was searching for one thing and having people say, if you like that, then listen to this kind of thing… So thanks to whomever that was!

AllMusic says some of his influences are The Cure, American Music Club and Nick Drake… Ah, there is the great Nick Drake again…

Not sure about The Cure, but I hear the other two of course… They also compare him to The Frames (you should know by now how much I love that band… the leader of course is the great Glen Hansard), Mark Eitzel from AMC, Rogue Wave and Sea Wolf… another favorite and somewhat new discovery… well within the last few years, anyway.  Another artist on that list is Richard Buckner… This is funny and a bit ironic because his CD was in the bin at the KCRW pledge drive… and I did not take it.   I am listening to him now… and of course, now I wish I had taken it!  Fantastic singer-songwriter stuff… Put him on your list for sure!!!

This is Matt’s 10th album and he continues to make music I love to hear.  My favorite tunes thus far are “Starlet” and “Love To Get Used”, though I have had acoustic and alternate versions of those from an EP from NoiseTrade, which I may even like more…

AllMusic gives this  3 1/2 stars out of 5, and has this record as one of their Picks.  They say this is “a collection of hopeful, almost wonderstruck looks at the human condition, delivered with enough tasteful and catchy hooks to make it one of the best albums in an already lengthy career from this seasoned indie troubadour.”

I have been a fan of Matt’s for a while… and this new record is really enjoyable.  Hopefully you caught him on Fallon the other night… but if not, here is the link… “Love To Get Used”




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