The Smiths – The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Opens Our Ears Up To “Real Music”

I love my daughter.  She is an amazing kid.  Though I cannot always say that I love her music.  She has been pretty good about embracing Bruce and Fleetwood Mac… also James Taylor… did that pretty early on…

And the now HIGHLY inappropriate Glee… what happened there… introduced her to groups like Journey.  So I have to be happy about that.  Just not thrilled listening to some of the shocking dialogue and either reaching for the remote or having to explain things.  I am okay with it, but damn… I would like to keep my kid a kid as long as I can!

The key is to find music we both love and bond over that.  It can be tricky.

She tends to play the same songs over and over and over… think pink bubblegum pop… and her radio stations of choice do the same thing… another reason I cannot STAND Top 40.  I also tend to dislike dance music when I am not… you know… dancing.  Thus the car stereo can definitely become a battleground of “her music” vs. “my music” with 100.3 The Sound and KROQ being good mutual turf.  Sometimes, however, I simply have to use the authortarian “Driver’s Choice” battle cry.

But respecting each other’s likes is key… and I am trying… Hell, I even took her to the Jonas Brothers concert, though, as I have admitted,  I actually think they are talented… I just cannot take the ear piercing screaming and screeching.

Her main love is One Direction… Okay, girls dig boys bands… I get it… sort of… and I find it fascinating that some of her friends are already deeply delving into older material.  I would assume it is the influence of an older sibling, but who knows.

So here we were watching the FABULOUS The Perks Of Being A Wallflower… highly reccomended… and yes, we did need to explain SOME things… when Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ “Come On Eileen” comes on… She “perks” up… Then The Smiths and David Bowie… So the next day I play the tracks for her… I tell her I was listening to “Come On Eileen” when I was in high school… and then she looks at me and says… “Now that is real music.  I want to listen to real music and not just pop.”

I could have cried.  Maybe I did.  Did I mention I love my kid???

Just as how Charlie came to fantastic, life-changing, new discoveries through friends and mix tapes in the movie, and I would imagine in the book, so did we… and so will my beloved daughter.

I downloaded the soundtrack… and I played her more Bowie… and more of The Smiths… and yes “Come On Eileen” as many times as I listened to it as a kid…

And I too re-realized how real that music really is… how amazing… how powerful…

So because of the film and my daughter, I had my very own Smiths renaissance!

I listened to The Smiths and The Queen Is Dead and Meat Is Murder and Louder Than Bombs.

Alternative rock… Indie Pop… However you want to “genre-size” them (Yes, my own, new word!!!)… this is one fantastic band.  And the point of this blog post is to share this band… and this list with you… or perhaps it is just a reintroduction.  Either way, consider this a virtual mix tape.

There is no need to keep up with the Jones’… when all you really need is to keep up with The Smiths!


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