Metal, Prog Rock And My Misguided Comic Books – Coheed and Cambria’s Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness

As did many a young lad, I read comic books when I was young… but clearly not the right ones.  Graphic novels and dark super heroes would come much later for me… I grew up on Richie Rich and Archie.  I know, I know… Perhaps this is the reason I am not directing the next Star Wars film.  Okay, yes, that and the fact that I have never directed a movie before and am barely in the business any more…

Thus is my lot in life… I was never a fan boy nor was I deeply into science fiction, though I do recall getting Robert Heinlein paperbacks from my Aunt and Uncle in Philadelphia… and rather enjoying them.

No, I followed a very different path and am only now discovering my inner geek… though coming to it this late in the game is an odd and interesting journey.  Those who embraced their “geek” back in the day are billionaires… master movie makers and story tellers… It is fascinating.

If you are a regular reader you know all about my friend Jason.  We met on a teen tour that went from New Jersey to California and back.  We were 15 and saw the country together.  They need an adult version of that… NOT a senior version… more like an adult rite of passage.  There are so many wonderful things to see in this country.  Sigh…

He and I sat in the back of the bus, where there was enough room for his gigantic boom box.  Yeah, think Radio Raheem in the brilliant Do The Right Thing.  Okay, it was not THAT big, but to me, it was large enough to hold a world of new music.  Rush, AC/DC and Van Halen flowed from that box and took a hold of me.

I still get lists from my friends… I encourage that… and solicit them.  That was part of the impetus for this blog… a main part… to listen to and share and introduce both you and myself to new music… or to catch up on things we might have missed.  Today’s album came from a list of MUST LISTEN TOS from Jason.

Speaking of lists… I am emailing Rosanne Cash right now that she should tech a class… Literally… I am stopping the writing of this to send off an email to her people… How amazing would that be???  In a nutshell, her Dad, the amazing Johnny Cash gave her a list of the 100 most important songs to listen to and learn.   I understand the list is her personal legacy, and I appreciate the desire to keep some, if not most of it private… In 2009, she did put out the stunning, 12-track album The List… covering just over a tenth of that list… but perhaps a college course or one at the The New School in NYC… How amazing would that be?  Music history at its best.

Well that was a long introduction to today’s album…

Coheed And Cambria – Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One:  From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness

This is a sci-fi, metal, prog rock opera… a musical novel… a concept album that will melt your mind.  I do not purport to understand the story… and the great thing is you really don’t have to.  I mean more power to you if you do, but I can enjoy this on its own.

I have a lot more to explore from this band, including the predecessor In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3.  

They are of course compared to Rush and Queensrÿche and Claudio Sanchez’s vocals to Geddy Lee… but on the beautiful ballad “Wake Up” I actually hear some Dennis DeYoung, too.

The hit from this record is “Welcome Home” which Wikipedia describes as a heavily Led Zeppelin-influenced metal tune.”

This is a damn fine record and a very happy discovery for me!  It is one of those albums that keeps growing on you with each listen… a new world to discover with each spin.

Keep those lists coming, friends!  Keep those lists coming!  Like so much in life, music is a treat best shared.


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