A Poem For Newtown…

Add your own music… or have a moment of silence… but this is my poem for Newtown.

If this does not spur our government to action, then we the people need to rise up and take matters into our own hands… or out of our hands, as is the case here…

For Newtown

How do you close your eyes

How do you go to sleep

How do you talk to any one

When all you do is weep

I cannot watch the news

I wish they’d go away

I’m tired of all the questions

There’s nothing left to say

I’m deaf to all the words

Even ones of love

Right now they are too painful

I see nothing up above

I know you want an answer

You need to understand

But I ask the same of you

To make sense of this life’s plan

My head and heart are spinning

I’m doing what I can

But my body’s weak and trembling

And I can barely stand

I reach to you for guidance

Need someone to cling tight

But my mind is so confused

I’m caught up in a fight

There’s anger and deep sadness

Shock and hurt and pain

They’re flying in a circle

And I’ll never be the same

For you this will be over

And soon you’ll say goodbye

But I’ll be haunted by this moment

Every day until I die

This needs to serve as something

From it must come good

Or else this pain and suffering

Won’t be truly understood

I will regain my footing

At some point find my way

Then we must look back

And learn from this sad day

There is for now one lesson

To love deep within your soul

To speak out loud these words

Let them be in control

There may never be tomorrow

We may leave today undone

So when someone needs our help

We must never turn or shun

We’re glancing from the darkness

Searching for a drop of light

Trying to turn so much wrong

Into just one touch of right

So please do not forget us

Even though we must move on

Let us always love and cherish

Those who are now gone

Help us tell their story

Help us keep them here

We must protect our children

And take away their fear

Instead of one of many

Let this be the last

For we’ll never have a future whole

If we don’t learn from broken past




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2 responses to “A Poem For Newtown…

  1. Rachel

    Beautiful Marc…

  2. Josh

    Sigh. Well said…

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