Beautiful Things – 10,000 Miles With Mary Chapin Carpenter And Weightlifting With Trashcan Sinatras

Before I start, keep an eye and ear out for a brand new project… Marc’s Muse Enters The Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame… Sadly not literally… yet!  The idea is to take a look at the bands who are there and get a bit of musical history along the way.  Each post will explore one band or artist and some key albums.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program…

Beauty.  It can touch the soul and deepen our love for life.

It moves us to action and tears… joy and sadness.

Have you ever stood in front of a painting or piece of art and just started to weep?  Monet does that to me… I’m an Impressionist guy through and through.  Same with Rodin.  Standing in his museum in Paris was powerful… moving beyond all words.

A painting… a woman (or man)… a song…. What moves one, may not move another.  What is beautiful to one, may not be beautiful to another.  These differences in taste and appearance and appreciation is what makes human beings diverse and unique.

We must respect each other.  We must allow each other to listen… and then truly listen to one another.


Have you ever locked into a song… played it over and over again… You just could not stop listening… bawling and discovering new and moving meanings in each verse.  You have heard the words before, but somehow the context has changed, given your mood or needs at that particular time and place.

I think it is a bit different from my daughter playing some pop tune over and over again, filling the house or car with the same notes and words again and again and again… only because I (or we) usually seem to do it alone… keeping the song just to ourselves… a private musical moment… a meditation… a prayer.

Now, based on what I just said, I need to respect my daughter’s listening habits.  After all, I have just admitted to doing the same thing… just in a different way.  And like I said… what is beautiful to one…

But when we find that song… the one that slays us and moves us… the one that grabs us by the heart and the throat… the one that hits a nerve so deep… Oh man!  We want to own it, embrace it, swallow it… somehow make it part of our DNA… and we want to share it.  At least most of us do.

Sharing a song or band or restaurant or recipe is one of the great pleasures of life for me.  It bonds me to people… brings us closer.  Life is, after all, about shared experiences.  As different as we are, there is much the same.  At the heart, we all want to be loved, all want to find joy and bliss and happiness.  That is what makes us human.

So here are two gifts for you.  One I shared the other day on Facebook… The other, popped onto my car stereo and sent me in another, equally wonderful direction.

Mary Chapin Carpenter – 10,000 Miles


I first heard this song in the wonderful film Fly Away Home.  If you have not seen it, stream it or rent it this weekend and watch it with the whole family.  It is about healing and coming together as a family… Beautiful and powerful stuff, just like this amazing song… and Jeff Daniels and Anna Paquin are stunning, as always…

The song matches perfectly with the visuals and montage it plays over, telling the story so simply and beautifully… just like her divine voice.  She is such immense talent.

As a stand alone, it is just as touching and powerful.

You know I hold very little back, so yes…  tears are flowing quite freely as this achingly gorgeous song plays… Mary Chapin Carpenter’s voice is so pure… all simple passion and power.

According to WikipediaFare Thee Well (or “Ten Thousand Miles”) is an 18th century English folk ballad, in which a lover bids farewell before setting off on a journey. The lyrics include a dialogue between the lovers. The first published version of the song appeared in Roxburghe Ballads dated 1710; the lyrics were there given the title “The True Lover’s Farewell”.  The song has been recorded, most notably by Nic Jones as “Ten Thousand Miles”, as well as by Joan Baez, Mary Black, Eliza Carthy, Chad & Jeremy, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Liam Clancy, Marianne Faithfull and Kate Rusby and as “Ten Thousand Miles” by Michael Holliday, Burl Ives, Molina and Roberts and June Tabor. “Fare Thee Well” shares several lyrics which parallel those of Robert Burns’ “A Red, Red Rose”.  The lyrics are also strikingly similar to a folk song titled, “My Dear Mary Ann” that dates back to the mid-19th century.”

My other gift to you is:

Trashcan Sinatras – “Weightlifting”


This is another gem of a song and a band you should really explore more… They have been around since the 80s and are STILL making glorious music.  Many of their tunes have clever word play and double meanings… just like this one…

The album by the same name came out in 2004.  The next time they play in LA, or anywhere near you, there is not even a question… you MUST go!!!

“You will find a great weight lifting
Easing your mind, a great weight lifting
Just leave it behind, a great weight lifting
And you will find a great weight lifting.”

For those of us carrying so much around.. hurt, fear, burdens, whatever it is… Let it go… leave it behind… ease your mind…

We all need to lift that weight off our shoulders, and music can often do the trick.  If not, I have a great chiropractor for you!!!

Peace and love to all of you.


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