Paperman, Wreck-It Ralph And Christophe Beck – A Movie And Music Review All Rolled Into One…

So there I am, sitting in the darkened theatre on the Disney lot… Again, the walk over from the parking lot was BRUTAL.  My leg dragging like the wooden peg of an ancient pirate…

It took me so long to hobble over that finding three seats together was next to impossible, but we finally did, off to the side.  We donned our 3-D glasses and away we went.  The master storytellers at Pixar started things off with a black and white short called Paperman.  The simplicity and depth, as always, were astounding… a lifetime in 7 minutes.

As much as I loved the visuals, the images and the story, it was the music that grabbed a hold of me.  Who was this composer?  Who could write such stunningly romantic music.  This is the soundtrack that should be playing on every date, in every bedroom.

Perhaps I was still in pain, or perhaps my eyes are getting worse, but I missed the credit… Aaaggghhh!

As soon as I got home, I took to the internet, found out who it was and began to explore whatever I could find from Christophe Beck.  Turns out he has done: Pitch Perfect, Tower Heist, The Hangover (both), Waiting For Superman, We Are Marshall, Ice Princess and Under the Tuscan Sun… and about 60 other films!!!  As well as a TON of TV like The Practice and Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!!  He also did the intro music for the LA Kings 2010-2011 season.

The man is prolific… AND AMAZING!!!

And ironically, coincidentally and part of true musical fate, I was watching the end of Cedar Rapids… digging the movie again, admiring the music and laughing when there in the credits… Christophe Beck!

To be honest, before seeking him out for Paperman, I did not know the name… and yet now… I cannot escape him.  I also do not want to.

Check out his site and listen to some samples… Christophe Beck

So Wreck-It Ralph was fantastic.   A really great film for the whole family to truly enjoy and celebrate.  Yes, it is a tale similar to Toy Story and Nemo about finding your path, finding yourself and your true purpose, and ultimately finding your way home… but he film is funny, genuinely and sincerely moving… you will cry at least once… and it has a ton of great references only adults will get.

The design, the look, the feel and the voices… all pitch perfect.

So go… and do NOT miss the short Paperman and the music of Christophe Beck!  You will be moved to love… moved to romance… and moved by listening…

The eyes and ears are powerful things, my friends… powerful things.  Keep them open and take all of it in!


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