One Song Filled With Harmony And One Big Purple Nation… What This Election Should And Must Mean

I know… I know… There are not supposed to be any political posts here.  This is about the music.  Well.  This will be musical… maybe.  And as for the politics… it will be gentle and a lot more about what this country needs to do.

Hey, in “Democracy” Leonard Cohen sings:

“It’s coming from the silence
on the dock of the bay,
from the brave, the bold, the battered
heart of Chevrolet.
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A. “

We’ll get it soon… We will.

So there will be politics, but in a more gentle way.  A kinder, gentler politics… Yeah, right.

Hell, America just had a national election a week ago… and talk about it we must.  This post is about the music of the country and how our tempo and even the tune needs to change.  On all sides!

Obama won, but the House is still Republican.  The Senate has not changed that much either.  It’s like an orchestra, with each half playing from a different page of the score.  And the evil puppet master and maestro of mayhem, Karl Rove is trying to sing… loud.  He is so off-key, like some American Idol contestants’ nails on the proverbial chalkboard.

Let’s not keep running in the same circles and crashing into the same wall… Let’s fix what is broken and make DC and America great again!

According to a friend of mine, Fox was saying the Republicans mistake was that their candidate was too moderate… WTF?  People voted AGAINST the extreme.  Wake up.  The lesson is to stop mucking about and fix this country.  Come together and put your brain power into repairing and restoring, not driving a further wedge into the Great Divide.

So DC will be filled with almost the same, exact players.  But we can no longer simply have more of the same.  The time to work together is now.  Forget trying to humiliate one man, which sadly seems to be the agenda for many folks… Let’s literally and truly put country first.  Let the great song be heard loud and clear.

It’s time to take all the red states and mix them up with all the blue states… and give us one beautiful PURPLE NATION.  This always seems to crop up in Obama’s big speeches.  He loves to say we are not red states or blues states, but the United States!  Let’s act like it.

Enough of this nonsense and these morons who are petitioning to secede… Really???

2008 held such promise, such power.  Obama was a motivational speaker, a leader and we all willingly went along.  This time around we were skeptical… of both sides.  It became a lesser of two evils again… and for someone like me who resides somewhere in the middle, a difficult choice.  Well, okay… I was never REALLY considering Romney, but… I am NOT opposed to some of the Republican’s ideas… especially when the word fiscal is involved…

Domestically, I lean left… or vote Southpaw, as I like to say… My phrase… DO NOT STEAL IT!!!

But as far as monetary and business issues… and world politics, I tend to veer right.

I am a man in the middle… a man with no real party… a man lost.

I am thrilled that freaks like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock lost.  They are dangerous, backwards “thinking” people who live in some warped non-reality and would like to return us to the ages of darkness and ignorance.

The main reason I am happiest the Republicans lost is because it is going to force them to take stock and hopefully change… Well… Change the right way, not what Fox is apparently saying… You know, perhaps even return to the party of Lincoln… something good and strong and on the side of healing and fixing.  Right now they are a party of exclusion… but that strategy excluded them from the White House.

My Republican friends take offense to these statements, but your party has been hijacked.  It’s true… and true conservatism is no longer part of the equation.  Get rid of Rove and bring back the ideas of Goldwater!

They need to quite literally, throw open the doors.  Welcome minorities and women and the gay community and no longer surrender to the religious right or the Karl Roves or Koch Brothers…

Let a woman choose… let people choose… and for heaven’s sake, get back to true conservatism in terms of business and politics, not this fake, manufactured definition that includes bible thumping, divisiveness and ridiculous statements that come right out of the Dark Ages…

Has anyone been reading any of the news about the Taliban?  The difference is that they actually try to kill, maim and torture their outspoken women.  But here in this country, that glass ceiling can be pretty sharp… and shards can also hurt…

Knock down this wall!  And ceiling!

Take the Tea Party and all the Earl Grey baggage they travel  with and throw them back in the dark, murky harbor where they came from.

The Republican Party has the chance to redefine themselves… to be more inclusive… and to actually support an agenda that is different in its philosophy and approach because they genuinely believe that path has a lot to offer.  THAT would be a worthy debate… a debate of ideas instead of commandments… ideas instead  of warped, manufactured ideals… a party of the people, for the people… all the people.  Not the rich or the 47%, but America as a whole.

Religion in its ideal form is about family and faith and hope, not exclusion.  It is about spirit and generosity and reaching out a helping hand to your neighbor, no matter what they believe.  It should also be about mutual respect and acceptance.  This country was founded on freedom, the right to choose and say and believe whatever you want.

But because we are so different, religion needs to stay out of politics… separation of church and state.  The two can actually co-exist harmoniously, if we just keep an open mind and keep our faith and truly respect others.

You want music in this discussion???  Just go to a concert, like Bruce Springsteen or Leonard Cohen, and see how so many different people, from divergent faiths and backgrounds and creeds can share in something magical and powerful and life affirming… It can be done.  It must be done.



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