Singles Remind Me Of Kisses, Albums Remind Me Of Plans – “If I Didn’t Love You”, Squeeze… But I Do

Maybe it’s not random… I mean the songs that keep popping into my head.  They must be telling me something, which is why I listen!  And some are more obvious than others… obviously.

But where is this musical map taking me?  Clearly NOT to Neil Young tonight… Booo… Tickets too pricey!

This song has so many implications… personal, political, you name it…

And today as I stepped out of the shower, there it was… playing full-volume… in my head!

Squeeze – “If I Didn’t Love You”

There will never be another Cal Ripken, Jr.  Athletes are just not built that way any more… physically or mentally.  Sad… And today’s news that Nike is dropping its support of Lance Armstrong and that he is resigning from Livestrong is sad on so many levels.  It’s getting harder and harder to refute the evidence, as much as we want to cling onto the glory and amazing fight of our heroes.

There will never be another Bob Dylan… Well… Bruce Springsteen has taken on that mantle pretty admirably… lyrically and socially speaking.  People may call me blasphemous, but come on… and I love Dylan!

There will never be another Lennon and McCartney.  This is pretty true, and the amount of amazing music… no incredible music… no life-changing, life-marking music they created is staggering.  Though Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook were hailed as the new Lennon and McCartney fairly early on.

I am a huge Squeeze fan… and a huge admirer of the lyrics and music these two have written.  You know where I stand on 80s New Wave, and Squeeze has always been one of my favorite bands.  Their songs are pop gems, but also lyric masterpieces, prodding so openly and deeply into the issues of life, love and relationships.  This is not an easy task…

One of my favorite lyrics of all time comes from this song… “Singles remind me of kisses, albums remind me of plans.”

Pretty delicious, folks… Filled with innuendo and double meanings… the way great lyrics are… Mmmm!

Here is the whole song… Enjoy!!!

“If I Didn’t Love You” – Written by Difford & Tilbrook

Not the best audio or video… but this just shows how amazing they are live, too… That is a feat not often seen from many of today’s artists… Taylor Swift, anyone???

“Watching you play in the bath

A soap suds stickle back navy
A scrubbing brush landing craft
Your skin gets softer and warmer
I pat you down with a towel
Tonight it’s love by the fire
My mind goes out on the prowl
If I if I if I if I if I

If I didn’t love you I’d hate you
I’m playing your stereo gram
Singles remind me of kisses
Albums remind me of plans
Tonight it’s love by the fire
The wind plays over the coals
Passionate looks are my fancy
But you turn the look into stone

If I didn’t love you
Would you sit and glow by the fire
If I didn’t love you
Would you make me feel so
Maybe love me
Oh if I didn’t love you

If I didn’t love you I’d hate you
Cocoa mugs sit side by side
It’s time to poke at the fire
But it’s not tonight
Looks I find
Taking a bite on a biscuit
The record jumps on a scratch
Tonight it’s love by the fire
The door of your love’s on the latch

If I, if I, if I
Didn’t, didn’t, didn’t
Love you, love you, love you”


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