It’s Hot Out Here… Bajofondo’s Sizzling Mar Dulce

The rest of the country is enjoying Fall.  We had it for a day… yesterday.  Today it is back to HOT, and this week will be HOTTER.

I was thinking a hot chocolate kind of album would be nice… something that would work around a fireplace.  But when it’s 90 degrees, you either want a tall, cool drink… or something hotter.

Welcome to Buenos Aires, my friends!

I first heard Bajofondo on KCRW, so thank you for that.  Their world music mashed with electronica grabbed me right away.  World music, yes.  I love it.  But I am not a big dance guy, and electronic music took me a while to get into; and even with my new-found appreciation I was and continue to be very selective.  A pounding dance beat has its place… but more often than not, it is NOT in my ears or my house.  My house beat is a very different thing.

As far as electronic or electronica (dealer’s choice), I prefer music that is made with the lips and fingers, to that which is “created”.  I prefer the stroke of fingers on strings rather than on keyboards.  Yes, by all means, please insert requisite dirty jokes and sexual innuendos here!

That does not mean that computer generated sounds do not have a place or artistry.  It still takes an amazing ear and musician to manufacture sounds from nothing.  Like I said, I appreciate this form, yet I only came to it as an adult.  Classic rock stations in the NY area did not play much electronic.

Bajofondo uses sampling and elements of this, of course, but the heart of the band is some of the most amazing musicianship you will ever see… and as good as their music is on record… seeing them live is like traveling to another world… maybe another planet.  I was blown away.

Bajofondo – Mar Dulce

This 2007 gem has a lot of fantastic, all-star guests and is a good place to start, though all of their records are worth having.  They announced that their new one will be out in the late winter… and the tracks they played from it were delicious.  Or I guess I should say delicioso!

AllMusic says “Bajofondo, formerly known as Bajofondo Tango Club, is an Argentine-Uruguayan tango fusion collective led by Grammy-winning producer Gustavo Santaolalla. In general, the collective fuses acoustic tango with electronic music, resulting in a contemporary style representative of the Rio de la Plata music scene in the 21st century. Led by Santaolalla (guitar, percussion, vocals), whose production credits include such luminous Latin acts as Juanes, Café Tacuba, and Julieta Venegas, Bajofondo is also comprised of Juan Campodónico (programming, beats, samples, guitar), Luciano Supervielle (piano, keyboards, scratching), Javier Casalla (violin), Martín Ferrés (bandoneon), Gabriel Casacuberta (upright bass, electric bass), Adrián Sosa (drums), and Verónica Loza (VJ, vocals). They made their full-length album debut in 2002 with Bajofondo Tango Club on Santaolalla’s Universal Music-affiliated boutique label, Surco Records. Subsequent albums include Bajofondo Tango Club Presenta: Supervielle (2004), Remixed (2006), and Mar Dulce (2007), the latter featuring an all-star list of guest features (most notably Gustavo Cerati, Nelly Furtado, Mala Rodríguez, Juan Subirá [of Bersuit Vergarabat], Elvis Costello, and on the 2008 deluxe edition, Julieta Venegas). In addition to their album releases, Bajofondo also releases club-oriented 12″ EPs and tours internationally.”

Javier Casalla’s second half opening violin solo was stunning and breath-taking.  He strolled down the aisle playing what looked like a gramophone or mini tuba horn attached to his violin… The sound was ethereal, haunting, beautiful.  It sounded like old music pouring out of a Victrola.  I will never forget that and so regret playing by the rules and not videotaping or even taking pictures of him.  Many folks had their cameras out the whole time.

The band takes turns with vocals and switching instruments, almost all of them being multi-instrumentalists… Bastards!

So do what I am doing… put on the music, crank it up, pour yourself a nice Kona Wailua Wheat Ale and enjoy the heat.  And the next time this band is anywhere near your town… fly!

This post goes out to my Yankees and Derek Jeter… It’s been one hell of a tough season, and I am hoping that you and Joe and the boys will heal quickly and find the heart and courage to fight through.  Last night was a tough evening on many levels, but watching Jeter go down… yeah…



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2 responses to “It’s Hot Out Here… Bajofondo’s Sizzling Mar Dulce

  1. Good stuff. Terrible about Jeter. Wonder if A-Rod is getting too much of a bad rap. I mean, who on the team IS hitting?

    • marcsmuse

      A Rod is paid a ridiculous amount of money to have the consistent post season slumps he has… That is why he is getting most of the heat… But yeah, they are all slumping at the worst possible time. Aside from the long ball, almost NO ONE is hitting… Great pitching being wasted… And Pettitte came back for this??? Like my brother said… with Jeter and no hitting, they lose this series… Without Jeter, they get swept. How can NO ONE on this team be stepping up??? Oh, and we have yet to face Verlander… Doh!

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