Happy Birthday, John Lennon… We’re Still Trying To Give Peace A Chance…

The world is a fucked up place.  To deny this is to look at it through rose-colored glasses… or maybe even pitch black ones.

That does not mean there is no hope or love or the prospects of peace, it is just a reality on the ground.  There is a burning anger, which leads to burning flags and burning flesh.  There is hatred and war… and there is pure and sadly, very real evil.

The world is a fucked up place.

Greed and lust for power are probably most responsible.  Well, that and a twisted game of intolerance and fanaticism.

There are parts of the world that are more fucked up, of course, and the US and Britain and other powers should and must take some responsibility for this.  They caused a lot of the problems.  This is evident in the great opening to the amazing film Argo.  We wanted control of oil in Iran, so we placed a Shah who allowed torture and suppression… and that was fine, as long as the oil flowed.  But not for the people.  They rebelled out of anger and hunger.  Unfortunately for them, they did not get anything remotely better.  In fact, they may have gotten worse.  They replaced one dictator with that of a religious one.  The country is perhaps more suppressive and oppressive now than ever before…

We cannot wonder why many Iranians and Afghans hate us… We abandoned them after using them.

We must understand this.  We must.  Yet we must also be unwilling to accept so much hatred… so much torture and anger and inhuman brutality.  That goes way beyond things… Way beyond the pale.

Now we debate whether or not to arm the rebels in Syria.  The fight is growing and spreading and getting more and more dangerous each day as Turkey and Lebanon run the risk of getting dragged into the fray.  While we know Assad is pure evil and we know that he tortures and bludgeons at will, the rebels are not friends.  The rebels will still hate Israel and the US… just perhaps as “free” men and women.  Look at Egypt… trading an evil dictator for a group of extremists, quick to punish those who do not believe exactly what they do.

Libya, strangely, may be a shining light of hope… The people there, aside from the armed militias, may actually be more interested in peace and connection with the West.  We can only hope that democracy and freedom take hold, but more importantly, tolerance and acceptance.

No one is pro-war, but as much as we long for peace, we cannot be passive and blind and ignore the evil that does exist.  There are some fights we cannot run from or turn from.  There are some fights worth fighting.

So where is the music?  Thankfully, it is all around us… And today we get to say Happy Birthday to one of its great makers.

Happy Birthday, John Lennon… Happy Birthday, Sean Lennon.  Today brought you both into the world!  Thanks to the world for that.

So let us strive for peace, work for it, and if we must… fight for it.  Ironic, yes… but sometimes peace cannot exist until a fight puts it in place.

I think John would say the same.  He was a realist as well as a dreamer.  He was a philosopher and a politician in the best sense of the word… His office was not in DC or London, but alive in the universe.  He did not run for a title, but to open the whole book… the whole world.

And he is not the only one.

We all yearn for the same things… love and happiness… and bliss… Beautiful boy, beautiful bliss… So fight when we must… Be strong when we must and all we are saying, John… is we will gladly Give Peace A Chance.  All of us…

The world could sure use you now… We can see you and thankfully hear you, but a touch… a hand… Oh how we could use that now.


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