Never Forget… Never! 9/11 And Lost “In A Daydream” – A Gift From The Freddy Jones Band

And so here we are again.  Another year has gone by.  I wonder if the pain will lessen, and while I do not think of it as often as I did, when I do… the tears come almost immediately.

There are things we can never forgive… things we SHOULD NEVER FORGIVE.  Things we must hold onto, and cling to and recall, no matter how great the sadness and the grief.  This is how we learn and grow and heal.  This is how we honor.

And this is the real reason we fight.  This is the real war.  We lost friends and families, police officers, fire fighters, workers… we lost a big part of America on that day.  Certainly we lost our innocence… or at least many of us did.  The assassination of JFK took the innocence of one generation.  9/11 took the innocence of mine.

I was born in New York City.  She is quite literally, a part of my soul.  Lady Liberty shines her light towards me, warming me and welcoming me.  I feel grounded and at home as I stroll through her.  I will never, ever forget what was done to her.  Just as I will never, ever forget walking her avenues and streets a month after 9/11.  Dust and smoke and the most toxic smells still hung in the air.  A look of shock and loss and sadness on everyone’s face as I passed them on the street.  I was going to take a cab to my brother’s, but instead walked miles and miles because I needed to be on street level.  I needed to be in humanity, looking at people eye to eye.  The haze in the sky was only matched by the haze in their eyes.  We were all dazed and lost… hoping it was just a dream… a nightmare from which we would quickly awaken, jarring ourselves upright and springing out of bed in a sweat and a shake.  Well… We did that anyway, turning on the news just to be sure… and there it was, over and over and over again.  It was no dream…

11 years ago.  Those two ones almost look like the towers themselves… 9-1-1… An emergency call… a desperate call… 9-1-1.

There are some wars that need to be fought… must be fought.  Freedom must be fought for.  We must thank each and every man and woman who are out there fighting for us.  And this does not mean that we are pro-war.  It means that we are pro-humanity, pro-soldiers and pro those who serve and protect us.

I would like for each and every politician to take a moment, a real moment, today… and instead of ideology or votes or ego, think about how to put this country back on track… how to make America great again.

For while they bicker and fight and waste millions of dollars on ads and lies, China and India surpass us economically… scientifically… culturally.  We are losing ground… We are losing hope… We are losing freedom.

For those who need to be somewhere else, mentally… to be wrapped in a warm, musical blanket… I give you a pop gem.  Something to take you to a better place.

So after you have thought about all that today means… thought about all we have lost… thought about all we can regain… Give this one a listen… and let yourself get caught up in a better kind of day dream.  Kind of hard not to be in a good mood, isn’t it.  Good.  Remember all that you have… all that is going for you.  Now go out and do something GRAND!

The Freddy Jones Band – “In A Day Dream”

Enjoy this ACOUSTIC VERSION, too.

Yes, their first hit was the only real one for these boys from Chicago… but they have some stellar harmonies and musicianship… and are worth a solid listen.  And no matter what, they gave us this glorious pop/rock gift… and true gifts are rare and should be cherished.

So cherish and love and live with passion, my friends… And always find your Peace!


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