Do NOT Ban This “Furr” – The Joys Of Blitzen Trapper

I just snack gorged… Aagghh!  I came home hungry and had about five different things… One would have been sufficient.  Why do I do this?

I was healthy for breakfast AND lunch and pretty much just killed the day with probably 500 calories in the course of 15 minutes…

I need the carrot, fruit, veggie mantra.  I need to reach for water and healthy things instead of grabbing what is easiest… and closest…

Oy, I feel so sick now, and dinner is an hour away…

So there’s that… And what the hell was THAT?  That was odd, I tell you, and has nothing to do with today’s musical selection.  It is just where my head and now body are at… literally.


Blitzen Trapper – “Furr”

Sorry, you know I write from where I am at any given moment… I try not to hold anything back.  Sure I could have edited all that stuff out, but why?  It is where I am at right now… and when I sit down to write, I just let it come out… let it flow… so flow I did!

Wikipedia says:  “Blitzen Trapper is a Portland, Oregon-based experimental country/folk band signed to Sub Pop Records…

The release of Furr in 2008 was a high-water mark for the group as their eclectic new songs received a two-page feature in Rolling Stone. The album was ranked No. 13 on Rolling Stone’s Best Albums of 2008 while the title track was ranked No. 4 on the magazine’s Best Singles of 2008.”

AllMusic says:  “The 21st century indie rock D.I.Y. method of record production has a tendency to hold speed and cost over sound quality, but Blitzen Trapper’s first release for Sub Pop doesn’t just improve upon the promise of WMN, it expands its sonic horizons as well, narrowing the mixtape glee that fueled its predecessor with just enough maturity to lend it considerable weight — the title track alone, an instantly memorable tale of a boy raised by wolves, seduced by a girl, then returned to the wild, feels timeless in a way few modern songs ever achieve.”

So what do I say???  I love this song, which sounds like it was born in the ’60s!  I hear Dylan… I hear The Byrds… and I know that sometimes people get so pissed when they hear Dylan or people trying to sound like Dylan.  But you know what?  The man had a pretty strong influence on a shit load of musicians and bands, so deal with it.  They are inspired by him, not imitating him.  Come on people… easy!

No lyrics today… find them if you want… Just enjoy this amazing song!  Here is their appearance on Late Night With Conan!  And while I thought the bass player was too cool for school and smoking a pipe… it is actually a bird call / bird whistle… which I think may be even cooler than a pipe.

Happy Thursday, y’all!


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One response to “Do NOT Ban This “Furr” – The Joys Of Blitzen Trapper

  1. I am also a snacker. It is hard when you have kids in the house. It has been easier since the boys moved out.
    Here is the unsolicited Pat O’Connor diet plan. When I decided to chuck it all and be an actor was February 1999. Lucia and I were on the upper East Side in an Italian restaurant with my pal from sales days Joe (a rock and roll story in his own right I will tell some day) I decided to work through the end of the fiscal year and make the change. One of reasons to wait until July was I need to shed some of my 235 pounds. By the end of millennium I was 180. The steps were as follows:

    Always have breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Limit myself to one serving at dinner and plan to eat leftovers for lunch the next day.
    When eating any kind of takeout take it out of its container and put a normal sized portion on a plate. The rest is tomorrow’s lunch.
    Enjoy dessert on the weekends only. Same for alcohol.
    Always have veg or fruit snacks on hand so you have something to go to. What works for me are grapes and raw baby carrots. Love ’em both.
    Exercise daily. What works for me is low impact walking. Do it for the most part with my wife which is great for the relationship and it’s free. Over the years we have added in hiking in the forests and hills above Pasadena. Are goal is thirty miles a week and we almost always make it. It would be harder if I worked more but we’ll handle that if it happens.
    I eat dairy but low fat as much as possible. Cut out mayonnaise and learned to love mustard, dumped alfredo type sauces for pesto.

    Love any Byrds-ish recommendation. Long Live Gene Clark!

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