Stay Summer, Stay… A List Of Some New And Wonderful Listens On Marc’s Muse

Every once in a while I feel the need to just make a list of all the artists I have been listening to… It is as much a reminder for me as it is for you.

I want to make sure I am not forgetting to tell you about anyone… Well, there is no way I am going to remember everyone, my brain just does not work that well anymore… I know, I know… sad and I am working on that… but this list is an attempt, my best attempt, to keep all of us in the musical loop.

I highly recommend signing up for NoiseTrade… It is my new favorite way to discover new artists.  I also still love my KCRW… volunteering there for their semi-annual pledge drive… KCSN and Julie Slater’s show Out On A Limb… and the best way to discover new music… talking… to friend, strangers, anyone who wants to talk music!!!

A. Rex – Grossly underrated singer/songwriter… His stuff is amazingly beautiful and it kills me no one knows who he is.

Alabama Shakes – This band is so good and so young… They blew me away live.

Arctic Monkeys – Still up in the air with this band, have been for a long while… and also their new album Suck It And See… Great title, though… Some great songs… some just okay… But I seem t be digging this new one.

Bison – Quill is a stunning album and came from NoiseTrade.  So gorgeous… Country… folk… pop… Mumford & Sons sound… awesome.

Bonnie Raitt – Her new record Slipstream rocks!!!

Dan Bern – Have been a fan for a while and he continues to amaze me… Great singer/songwriter stuff.

The dB’s – This North Carolina/NYC band has a brand new album, Falling Off The Sky, and it is AMAZING!!!  So dang good.  To come up with am album this great after so many years is a testament to the power of sticking it out and always creating and making music… Reminds me of Sloan’s The Double Cross (XX).

Delta Rose – These local 20 year olds know how to rock… Expecting great things from this band!

Dr. John – Wow… His new record Locked Down is a stunner!

Dream Theatre – A new discovery for me… These Prog Rock G-ds are simply stunning… The record Words and Images will blow you away!

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – I so adore their retro sound and their new record Here kicks it up a few notches… Love this band!!!

The Features – I believe this was another NoiseTrade discovery… Good stuff… Need to listen more.

Fort Atlantic – Dreamy Bon Iver like pop… Damn fine music.

Future Of Forestry – This has moved to the top of my list as great new musical discoveries… I hear some Death Cab For Cutie, some Elbow and some great moody, pop!

Girls – I still absolutely LOVE this band… This record has kept my attention for a long, long time… Great debut!!!

Gotye – Still digging him and still really wanting to see him at the Greek… Cheap tix please… Someone… Bueller…

Hayden – Right in that singer/songwriter pocket that Sufjan Stevens blew the lid off… His Elk-Lake Serenade has been out for years but a recent find for me… It is a stunningly beautiful record.

Jackopierce – This alternative band from Texas is totally fun… A little bit country, a little bit pop and a little bit Rock n’ Roll.

King Washington – Thanks to Tati for hooking me into these guys.  This local LA Band has put out a phenomenal debut album called The Gears.  One of those rare records where I love every track.

Matthew Perryman Jones – If Bono and Coldplay had a baby, this is who it would be.

Neverending White Lights – Gorgeous gothic rock and pop… This music will floor you.

The Ocean Blue – This jangly pop band is still out there playing… and so worthy of our attention.

The Orb – Electronica that will move you to the depths of your soul… Haunting and deep and rich… a sound minefield.

The Tallest Man On Earth – He has lost a bit of the Dylan twang, which I think only opens up his singer/songwriter appeal.

William Fitzsimmons – His music cuts you to the quick… sad and stunning… heart breaking and beautiful… a must listen… especially late at night…



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2 responses to “Stay Summer, Stay… A List Of Some New And Wonderful Listens On Marc’s Muse

  1. Hey – thanks for listing The dB’s great new album. The band’s not from Texas, though. North Carolina is where they grew up and 3 of the 4 members once again call N.C. their home.

    • marcsmuse

      Doh… I am usually so good… Maybe I had the Old 97s in my brain, too… I know they are playing out in LA soon and I was happy to see them still touring and playing out.

      I am doing a revised list, so I will update that then!!! The new album rocks!!!!! Thanks for the note.

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