Rock n’ Roll, Lost And Found On The Island Of Kauai – With Marty Sadler’s Man Or Machine

Strange things happen in Hawaii… or maybe they happen everywhere and I just don’t notice it as much.  Did you ever see The Brady Bunch episode?  No, I did not find a bad luck Tiki… nor did I have a surfing accident… I don’t surf… I just kept having random encounters and meeting people who knew people I knew… The word “strange” sounds like a bad thing, and it wasn’t… not at all, so maybe not strange as much as coincidental… or hopefully in a few cases, fate… good fate.  We shall see…

As we were wandering around the island of Kauai, we happened upon a market.  Well, the huge flags screamed “tourists stop here” and when you have a 12-year old, shopaholic daughter who loves knick-knacks, you stop.  It was somewhere just north of Kapa’a, the quaint little town that we never made it to… Sad.  I’ll just have to go back, I guess.

As the girls were shopping, I wandered over to a booth that advertised discounted activities.  Since I knew we wanted to do a boat tour of the Napali Coast, I figured I would at least pick the guy’s brain.  He gave me some good advice, like leave from Port Allen instead of the north as you’ll see a lot more of the coast… Go on a sunset cruise and you get booze… things like that.  His name was Marty Sadler and he was about $20 a person cheaper than doing it directly on my own or through the concierge.  And when he presents the opportunity to do a time share presentation at Shells, the price drops even more… like almost $200 more…

I don’t like wasting my time, or that of those presenting when I know full well I ain’t buying a time share, especially when you can pick up so many on the secondary market… but $200 at this point is a good amount of Hawaiian bread, so I bit.

But that’s not the reason I am writing this post…

Marty and I got to talking about music… and of course that set us on a whole other path… He was raving about the new Linkin Park record, Living Things, which I had not really given a full ear to yet… but after his raves put it up on my playlist.  I have always liked this band, who hail from right around the corner in Agoura and Calabasas, and this new record is a return to form… damn good form.

Before I left he handed me his CD called Man Or Machine… and THAT is why we are here today.

Martin Sadler – Man Or Machine

It looks like his page is still being put together, but check it out for some tracks… As soon as Marty started singing I heard Geddy Lee and Ric Ocasek.  And you will get a lot of The Cars, especially on tracks like the opener “Y0ur Favorite Song” and “Ain’t No Way I’m Gonna Figure This Out”… Actually if I had to pick one band or artist to compare him to, it would be Ric and the boys…

Marty told me a great story, which I am hoping to share, as it is a truly valuable lesson for any artist.

He was telling me about the time he was working a studio musician and engineer, and Bob Dylan, Billy Preston and a few other major players came in to record.  At one point during the recording, he wound up sitting next to Dylan at the board.  After pressing him with questions, Dylan found out he was a musician and asked to hear some of his stuff.  Marty paused, not sure what to do… for he realized at that moment that he did not have anything he deemed worthy of playing for Bob Dylan.  It was then and there he swore to himself that he would always have something worthy and ready to go, in case that opportunity ever presented itself again… Never again would he be without a great tune.  This is just smart, and I ask all artists to take heed.  Always have something you are proud of in the hatch and ready to share!  Always!

I have been digging on this disc, so thanks, Marty!!!  Thanks for the music and the conversation… Hope to see you on the island again, soon.




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3 responses to “Rock n’ Roll, Lost And Found On The Island Of Kauai – With Marty Sadler’s Man Or Machine

  1. john

    I was in Kauai with my wife back in 2001 and I got talking to Marty in a board shop. I think I rented a surfboard from him. He was a cool cat and gave me a CD titled “Out of Control.” Nice songs with a definite 80s sound. I’ve been going back to Kauai every year but never ran into him again. Mahalo – Squidman

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