A Moment Of Silence – It’s Sadly In The Lobby… Violence, Guns And Metal Illness

So for the first time ever, Marc’s Muse will be silent today… No album, no song, just a few moments of silence to reflect on the tragedy in Aurora, CO.  I was there on my teen tour… At least I am pretty sure I was there… I remember staying in some dorms and I am confident it was in Aurora.

Sadly there have been many days this year that could have had the same reaction… Just the other day a bus with tourists and Israeli youth was blown to bits in a blatant and disgusting act of terrorism.  The bombing in Bulgaria showed no regard for human life and did not target anyone other than the most innocent.  It was not an accident, but a precise and targeted act of terrorism.  Yet too many news organizations play this down because of who was killed and what country they came from.  This has to stop.  Terrorism is terrorism… Murder is murder…

I know TV is about getting things into 30-second pieces… but we also need to stop coming up with catchy names… This is not the Dark Night Murders… or the Batman Massacre… It is a violent tragedy!  A horrible situation!  It is about a sick and mentally ill individual who had access to weapons he should not have had.

The calm and resolved demeanor his Mother had in acknowledging that police had the right person is horrible and eerie and chilling.  I am not saying that parents can stop something like this from happening… Lord knows how many children get in trouble despite the best intentions and upbringing, but if you know your child has this ability or there is even a possibility that they can carry something like this out, I hope that they did and anyone else would do all they can to get them help and protect those who may find themselves in the path of such violence.

The story is still raw and obviously details are not even remotely accurate and pinned down yet, but still… We can no longer ignore mental illness and people crying out for help.  If we do, this is what happens.

We can also no longer ignore the power of the gun lobby and the ease in which crazed, violent offenders can get weapons of such power and magnitude.

I know many responsible gun owners… They are respectful of both their weapons and the rights they have to carry them… Yes, this is always a freedom issue… And one’s right to protect themselves and their families in an all too violent world is a necessity.  But the right to bear arms is antiquated and needs to be re-evaluated.  I have fired a gun myself and will readily admit I enjoyed it.  But I quickly learned the deadly power of the instrument and the respect one must use in handling and firing it.  What scares me is the kind of weapons one can so easily acquire.  It is simply unnecessary and obviously dangerous.  We do not need to be armed to the teeth.

This Puritanical and hypocritical country of ours would be better served by being more opened on sex and sexuality and a little more cautious on violence and mental illness.

When the power of the lobby allows staggering violence in the lobbies of our theatres and schools, it is time to act.  No more violence in the lobby!

Thoughts and prayers for literal and mental healing to Aurora, CO… to the families who have been affected… and to our country and to anyone who is in shock, chilled to the bone and on the verge of tears…

Just as we need to be diligent and strong on terrorism, we also need to be diligent with those who are suffering with other ailments… the ailments that result in things like this.

Be safe out there, be aware and always be loving and kind.


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