A Song A Day Keeps The Doctor Coming Over To Your House To Listen – So Jimmy Cliff Gives Us One More!

Today is a good day for a song.  Every day is a good day for a song.

This is the first single from Jimmy Cliff’s upcoming new record Rebirth, It comes out on July 17th and according to the article in Rolling Stone is going to be amazing.  If this is an indication, I am going to be so very happy.

A shout out to my buddy Rich for really helping me gain a lot more love and appreciation for Reggae!!!  Definitely check out his Reggae TV!!!

First off, how does he sound so amazingly good at 64?  And when I say good I mean great… and I mean that the pure sweetness of his voice is remarkably intact.  Not too many can sound as good now as they did then.  No way.  You know how I feel about Bruce and how fantastic he sounded on this last tour… Wow!!!

Hey voice and body… will you still be looking and sounding okay when I’m 64?  Man, I hope so…

Okay… so… I am now about to admit something I was not going to admit… but it is true and I do not hide from the truth here.  The truth sets us free… the truth makes us human… and… ah, what the hell… There are things I shock myself in not knowing, and this truly shocks me.

Rock n’ Roll Father forgive me for I have sinned… Unless I am losing my mind, which is not out of the realm of possibility, sadly… I do not think I knew that “Trapped” was written by Jimmy Cliff… I would like to say, of course I knew that, duh… but for some reason when I was reading the RS article on Cliff it surprised me… OY!

Jimmy Cliff – “One More”

The man has been recording for 50 years!!!  50!!!  Tim Armstrong from Rancid produces and lends a major hand on this record and I am so excited to hear the whole thing!!!

You can preview the whole thing at Amazon… They really need to start giving me a percentage… Watch a cool video here… or get this single FOR FREE at JimmyCliff.com.

The drums… the horns… and that tenor… So sweet.  Jimmy has quite literally not missed a beat.  This is the sound that first had me fall in love with Reggae Music!!!  Now I’m in love again!!!  Irie love, mon… Irie love!!!

Please check out my good friend Mr. Rich and his Reggae TV for all things Reggae!  I’m having one more… listen!


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