In Honor Of The Cup… And Because It Is An Amazing Song – We All Need To “Rise Up” by Glen Phillips And WPA

Going waaayyy out of the box today… but I think you will really enjoy this tune a lot.

I first heard this song only a short while ago.  Glen Phillips from Toad The Wet Sprocket was playing at the For The Arts benefit show with Jackson Browne and Venice and he pulled this one out.  We were all floored.

The band (or project) he did this with is called WPA – Works Progress Administrationcheck the tune out here… You can buy the whole album AND get a free download of the Live EP!!!

You can watch them play it live in studio here… I love when guys sound even better live… That is how you know you are dealing with majorly talented artists… no electronic manipulation… no studio tricks…  just pure talent.  Mmm, this song kills me.  A stunner.

“You seek an end to the questions
A ladder to the sky
A children’s dream where we never die

There is a fog in the canyon
A vapor in the keep
Lulling us gently into sleep

And we will not wake ever
Unless we rise up early
Rise up early

They cast your brother as a demon
Your lover as a whore
All manner of lies justify our wars

They sell the water in the well now
The stars in the sky
There’s nothing so sacred that we won’t buy

And it will not change ever
Unless we rise up early
Rise up early

Rise up, rise up

There is a silence in the bedroom
A rustle in the hall
In the shadow of a love that became a wall
And it will not fall ever”

This song is so frickin’ beautiful… Enjoy it.

So rise the Cup up… rise our lives and loves and spirits up… Come Shepherd, rise up!!!


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