A Sad, Sunny Day… Comfort Music With A Decade Of Duran Duran

It’s 80 degrees in the LA area and not a cloud in the sky… It should be the perfect day.  So why isn’t it?

Between Good Morning America and the news on AOL, I feel like crawling into a hole…Earthquake in Italy, Etan Patz, Syria executing children… EXECUTING CHILDREN!  Murder, kidnapping, Iran having enough plutonium and know how to make 5 bombs, hunger in North Korea… the list goes on.

Yes, I know that the news must report these things and they feel like they must sensationalize them… Although to be honest, these don’t need much sensationalized.  They are pretty horrific with the facts and just the facts, M’am.

You almost have to put blinders on sometimes… Or else you really would not want to get out of bed or out of the protective, soothing waters of your shower…

So what do you do?  You focus on the things you have control over… yourself and your family and friends.  You be the best whatever it is you can be and above all, you be the best human being you can be.

So there it is… You control what you have control over.  You release what you don’t and you breathe into it all… and you listen to some music that will change your mood.

Duran Duran – Decade

So for a brief moment I turned my radio dial off of 100.3 The Sound and KCRW (or KCSN on the weekends…) to find myself on Jack FM… It’s like junk food… Every once in a while you just need a taste.

And there it was… “Rio” by Duran Duran… Ahhh… At that moment I knew what I needed today.

This is a band who lived on FM radio and MTV.  At least my FM radio and my MTV!  When their songs come on the radio or the stereo of a store or mall I have to watch myself… It can be embarrassing to see me start to sing or dance… especially dance.

I am waiting for the new show Dancing With The Not Yet Stars… I do need some help in that regard!

But I do have to say… the music always puts a smile on my face… and I can SO see their videos play in my mind.

My favorite song by far is “Save A Prayer” and “View To A Kill”… Hey, I’m a sucker for all things Bond!  “Rio” and “Hungry Like The Wolf” top my list, too!

AllMusic gives us this history of the band:  “Inspired by David Bowie and Roxy Music, as well as post-punk and disco, schoolmates Nick Rhodes (keyboards) and John Taylor (guitar) formed Duran Duran in 1978 with their friends Simon Colley (bass, clarinet) and Stephen Duffy (vocals). Taking their name from a character in Roger Vadim’s psychedelic sci-fi film Barbarella, the group began playing gigs in the Birmingham club Barbarella, supported by a drum machine. Within a year, Duffy and Colley both left the group — Duffy would later form the Lilac Time — and were replaced by former TV Eye vocalist Andy Wickett and drummer Roger Taylor. After recording a demo, John Taylor switched to bass and guitarist John Curtis joined the band, only to leave within a matter of months. The group placed an ad in Melody Maker, which drew the attention of Andy Taylor, who became their guitarist. However, Duran Duran were still having trouble finding a vocalist. Following Wickett’s departure in 1979, a pair of singers passed through the group before Simon LeBon, a former member of the punk band Dog Days and a drama student at Birmingham University, joined in early 1980.”

So three things…

First, if you do not know Lilac Time, run as fas as you can… Their music is stunning and amongst my absolute favorite.

Second… I did not know until this moment that it was the same Stephen Duffy… As much as I know about music, I can be so dumb sometimes… Duh!!!

Third, none of the Taylors are related.  FYI… Fun little fact…

Sadly Duran Duran would not last past the ’80s… at least as big as they were.  Yet other albums would follow, and they did have a monster hit with “Ordinary World” in 1993.  Last year’s effort produced by Mark Ronson, All You Need Is Now, did garner good reviews but it is often impossible to regain that height… although I do give them kudos for keeping it going.  As long as it is about the music, that is a good thing!

So as I look down and see my beautiful, sweet dog lying at my feet I know that life is not so bad… but as soon as I leave this page, that only moments before was blank… I know my screen will be filled with horrific images from around the world… and the tears will well up in my eyes and deep in my soul… and I’ll ask myself “how did I get here.”

In the meantime, let’s focus on the music and let that soothe our news weary souls.


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