Some Are Big… Some Are Small… But Norah Jones Sings Of Little Broken Hearts

I am off to see Roger Waters’ The Wall tonight… and while he and I are very far away from each other politically, I am and have always been a huge fan of Pink Floyd.

I have already covered the “big three”… The Wall, Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here… and while there are plenty more Floyd choices to cover, this one just grabbed me…

Norah Jones – Little Broken Hearts

I have always loved her and never bought into the criticism of her songs all sounding the same… or that her style was too “light.”  This is a woman who knows a great deal about life and music…  Hell, her dad is Ravi Shankar!!!

On this new album she grows even more.

Since I am a bit rushed… I am going to rely on AllMusic to guide us today…

“Exorcizing the ghost of a failed relationship via the time-honored tradition of the breakup album, Norah Jones luxuriates in beautiful misery on Little Broken Hearts. Liberated by the separation but not quite ready to let it go, Jones achieves a curious subdued tension here, dressing unadorned confessionals in softly stylized studio noir created with the assistance of producer Danger Mouse, who collaborated with her the year before on the collective Rome. Seeming opposites — the classicist meets the futurist — Jones and Danger Mouse are well matched, as both artists are not as set in their ways as their individual reputations would suggest.”

They go on to say that they do not think the album is as emotional as it should or needs to be…

I’m not sure I agree… at least on my first few listens… but this is one that I am going to give some time…

My jury is still out… which is often a good thing… so I’ll get back to you… Soon, I hope.


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