East Coast, Left Coast… Right Coast, Best Coast… Is One The Only Place? (Enjoy More Summer Music)

What is the best coast?  I grew up in Jersey and love going down the shore… I miss the East Coast a lot.

But California has a lot to offer, too… And it is certainly looking like one test may be the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, that will put at least one East Coast team against the West Coast.  Hopefully…

This boy is torn… but not when it comes to music.

Yesterday’s post was on the Smith Westerns and their summer sounding pop.  Ironically as I was posting it, literally, my friend Eric called and asked me if I had heard of Best Coast, which he had just downloaded and was digging.  He said that the album was the perfect summer listen.

I said I had heard of them, especially because they are getting a lot of recent press… and that they might just have to be the blog for tomorrow.  Well… here we are.  So thanks, Eric…

And for all of you, I hope I am helping you build a nice summer music selection.

Best Coast – The Only Place

From AllMusic:  “Drawing inspiration from ’60s surf rock and girl groups, Best Coast’s noisy lo-fi sound gave a nod to contemporaneous acts like Hot Lava, the Vivian Girls, and Brilliant Colors.”

“For their second album, The Only Place, California duo Best Coast hired Jon Brion as producer. Right away it’s clear that the fuzzily lo-fi noise pop sound of their debut, Crazy for You, was a thing of the past, and the band was looking to smooth things out quite noticeably. Hiring Brion to produce a noise pop record is like asking Rothko to paint your mailbox.”

“… The result is an album that has a classic pop/rock sound that anyone who’s heard an R.E.M. or Beach Boys or Springsteen record will instantly identify with and understand. It may disappoint anyone who wanted Crazy for You, Pt. 2, but the band didn’t make this record for those people.  On a sonic level alone, the record works very well. Bethany Cosentino reliably writes super-catchy melodies and sings them winningly, Bobb Bruno does a fine job filling in the songs with hooky guitar lines, and Brion adds the little touches that have made his name as a producer.”

Sometimes AllMusic and I do not agree… sometimes we do.  Most of the time we do… I think…

I do have to say that they are right on when they criticize Bethany’s lyrics… “The problem lies with Cosentino’s awful lyrics. What seemed cute and only a little awkward in the past is now extremely clunky and slightly ridiculous.”

I do find them trivial and don’t feel the need to bash them beyond this point… But the good thing is that I can tune them out and just focus on the music and the voice… and both are great.  Hey, this is, after all, summer music… and like a summer read we may not want to think that much.  It can be slightly… cheesy… and still be a lot of fun.



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2 responses to “East Coast, Left Coast… Right Coast, Best Coast… Is One The Only Place? (Enjoy More Summer Music)

  1. Eric

    Thanks for the shout out. I think your analogy to a summer beach read is perfect. There’s nothing wrong with a little Jackie Collins when all you want to do is sit by the pool, cold drink in hand, and not contemplate the burning out of the sun in a few billion years, or worse yet, a Romney presidency.

  2. On Dave last night. Power to The Pop!

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