Summer Is Here And I’ll Protect You M’am… Just Let Me Pull Out My Smith Westerns

This will be short and sweet…

The weather is warming up… Summer is around the corner… and we all need some fun music to blast while we BBQ.

I got some free singles from the band a while ago and they just popped up on my iTunes, so you cannot get more random than that!

Smith Westerns – Dye It Blonde

Not much on these guys yet… Wikipedia says: “Smith Westerns are an indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois.  Their musical influences include David Bowie, Marc Bolan, T. Rex and Brit Pop.”

Yeah, I love Brit Pop, so what???!!!  “Weekend”, the opening track is the perfect example of this… and a great summer Pop gem!

And you gotta dig guys from Chicago.  Come on!

According to Wikipedia they have been opening for Arctic Monkeys, so you can see why they are in my wheelhouse.

Dye It Blonde was released on January 18, 2011.  I am a little behind the curve with them, but they popped back in at just the right time.

My other standout tracks are “Still New” and “End Of The Night”.

The music is definitely youthful…  but that is what we are all clinging to, right?

AllMusic says:

“Chicago’s the Smith Westerns are a band looking for some teenage kicks with their home-brewed mixture of garage, glam, and punk, and they come by their youthful energy honestly — none of the group members were old enough to buy a beer when they released their first album.”

“In 2010, the Smith Westerns released a split single on Fat Possum with the Magic Kids that featured some of their most polished music to date, and the band pledged to keep making music while several of the members also attend college. That move toward a slicker sound continued on the group’s second album, Dye It Blonde. Released in January of 2011, it featured drumming by Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and John Eatherly of Turbo Fruits.”

Definitely worth checking out…

Happy Early Summer!!!


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