Music For The Masses… Playing It Live And Loud With Emerson, Lake & Palmer

First off, a special shout out to 100.3 The Sound for including me in last night’s group and allowing me the pleasure of seeing DJ Andy Chanley interview the classic rocker, Greg Lake.

Thanks also to my Sound friends who have become a true Rock n’ Roll family… THIS is what music is about!

Thanks to DJ Larry Morgan… and a big thanks to the lovely and wonderful DJ Julie Slater… especially for including me in her “Randoms” segment… Check it out Saturdays on KSCN.  Hey Julie… I really did try to cut the amount of Bruce down so as not to be SO obvious… but it was a true and random shuffle!

Seeing Greg Lake last night was both inspiring and depressing, in almost the exact same way he said seeing Elvis Presley was inspiring and depressing…

My inspiration came from being in the presence of a bona fide Rock n’ Roll star and hearing him talk about the music… and how things were.  He talked about ELP, his one week with Asia and seeing Elvis.  Ahhh, how things were… That is part of it right there, but my true moment of depression came from him talking about how the Sony Walkman took music from a public forum, a shared event, and made it into a solitary experience…

Visions of thousands of individuals in their own private world, ears covered by Bose, Beats By Dre or Apple headsets suddenly made me feel alone and sad…

What were they listening to?  What was moving them?  And why the hell wouldn’t they share it?

Listening to music used to be a group activity… and not just the orgiastic atmosphere of Woodstock.  We actually used to invite friends over, rush home from school, excitedly rip the plastic off a new album, and unveil its glorious artwork and the sounds that would soon from our turntable.  Greg said that last night…

I started to reminisce… I started to long for those days when there were listening parties and events and an album’s release caused joy and demanded attention.

Perhaps we can get back there.  Perhaps the power of music will rise from the copyright infringed ashes… Perhaps.

This blog is an attempt to do just that… to share music and stories and bring us all together over a cup of Rock n’ Roll… or Blues… or Jazz or whatever it is that gets us up and off and happy.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Live At Nassau Coliseum ’78

Growing up a Rangers fan I did and still do hate the Islanders.  As such, I have never set foot in the Coliseum… Well, that and it was a pain to get to.  But I tell you… I have heard some fabulous bootlegs from there, including a number from Bruce… and the crowd and the sound are awesome.

This started out as a bootleg and found life as a legitimate release.

AllMusic says:  “Recorded in February of 1978, this performance was only available as a bootleg until the folks at Shout! Factory expertly cleaned it up for an official release by going back to the original tapes and creating one of the best-sounding live ELP records on the market. The two-disc live set captures Emerson, Lake & Palmer at a crucial point in their careers: they were on their final tour, and though things would soon turn sour, these recordings show that on-stage they were still at the peak of their powers.”

This one so captures the energy, insane musicianship and unbelievable passion of ELP… The “Piano Concerto #1” actually pushes me to the verge of tears… Just listen to how stunningly beautiful Rock n’ Roll can be!

“When they were playing off of and responding to each other the way they do here, there was no finer band in all of prog rock, and the obvious TLC that was taken in preparing these recordings for release gives listeners the chance to experience ELP’s awesome interplay with an unprecedented level of vividness.”

Greg seemed to bristle a bit at the Prog Rock moniker, feeling it was a bit too highfalutin and snobby… or perhaps because of the strange bias against it, especially evidenced by the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame…

No matter what you call it, this music took Rock n’ Roll to new and amazing heights.

I only wish I could have snapped a picture with him… and had him sign a record… Ah well… I’ll just have to track him down again!

Long live, live music and the folks who love it and make it!!!  So grab some friends, pour some wine and listen to some music… TOGETHER!



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3 responses to “Music For The Masses… Playing It Live And Loud With Emerson, Lake & Palmer

  1. Listen to much of Emerson’s eariler band, The Nice?

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