Sunday Music For Mother’s Day… The Soothing Dylanesque Barna Howard

My friend, DJ Julie Slater has two fantastic gigs… She is the late afternoon/early evening DJ (3-7 pm) on 100.3 The Sound and then does a special weekend show called Out On A Limb on KCSN.

She plays great music on both and has introduced me to a lot of new artists, including today’s pick…

And this soothing folk gem goes out to all the mothers in my life… My 100-year-old GG Mildred, my Mom Arlene and my wife Stephanie and my mother-in-law Jackie… Plus I’ll send it out to my daughter, Julianna who is a wonderful piece of all of them!

Barna Howard – Barna Howard

From the first strains of the first song Bob Dylan and his Nashville Skyline will come to mind… Then as you keep listening, you’ll get a nice taste of John Prine and a very strong flavoring of Townes Van Zandt… Especially on songs like “I’ll Let You Pick A Window”, “Tinker Creek” and “I Don’t Fall Much Anymore” and in fact… these three tracks will start to push Dylan out of your mind a bit…

The last song I mentioned is my favorite on the album.  The yearning for lost love and youth is palpable in this stunning and simply powerful piece of poetry… Lovely, absolutely lovely.

So yes, folky, singer/songwriter is what Barna is all about.  You can find him on Spotify or

I could not find any biographical material on him, other than how he is tagged on his own site… “acoustic Americana blues country folk lyrical Portland.”  So I guess he is from Portland…

Sounds like he also spent a lot of time in Boston, so now I question whether it is Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon… I don’t know and it does not say…

Regardless, this is some really lovely music.  His lyrics are strong and the music is deep.  Barna makes you realize how much power there is in just a voice and a guitar… and how far of a journey someone can take you on.

So for all you Mothers… and for anyone else who just needs to kick back a little bit today… give Barna Howard a listen and maybe you’ll all move “to the sunny side of the country.  I’ll let you pick a window.”  (Frickin’ LOVE that lyric).


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