Old Music Monday, New Discovery – I Am Not Crazy, Just Lost In Total Madness

Yes, usually Mondays are for new music… And this is not… but it stems from a song I had never heard and sparked a debate between me and my pal, Rob.

First off, thanks again to Robert (different one) and his friend Matt for the amazing, kind and so utterly generous Bruce hook up.  You both helped create a musical memory.  The concert was amazing, the night was a joy and my brother and I will be talking about this one for a long time to come.  I got to say hello to Max Weinberg again… said hello and snapped photos with Jake Clemons… and got to have a really lovely conversation with Steve Forbert!

And Bruce was loose and fun and seemingly happy as all can be… and I got to hear my beloved “Rosalita”!!!

Okay, so Rob and I were watching the Kings game last week when a Volkswagen commercial came on.  We loved the song but did not know what it was, so like the good musical boys we are, we took to the internet.  I thought it was the empty garage spot with the gnome and thus confidently stated it was Little Joy and “The Next Time Around”.

I sent him the link… even made him a copy of the great Little Joy album… but then he said it wasn’t it… What???

He just texted me today and said it was Madness’ “It Must Be Love”.  Here is the video for this song

I cannot find the VW commercial on-line at all with this song… The other one popped right up… Hmmm…

I happen to love this song… and I don’t think I ever heard it,  so it got me thinking about Madness and here we are…

Madness – Total Madness:  The Very Best Of Madness

Rob, Robert and Matt… this one is for you!!!

Everyone knows “Our House”… a perfect ska pop gem and such a great song… This is, of course, how I discovered this band.  What a total part of my youth… and I so vividly remember the video on MTV!

Now to be honest, I knew last night I was going to do this album… but as if that was not enough… This morning I was at a store called AC Moore in Nanuet, NY returning a frame, and as I’m standing on-line “Our House” starts to play over their PA… stereo… whatever…

I have truly not heard that song in such a long time, so it was definitely fate… and definitely a sign!

From Wikipedia:  “Madness are a British pop/ska band from Camden Town, London, that formed in 1976… They were one of the most prominent bands of the late-1970s 2 Tone ska revival.”

For me, they are a vital part of my youth… a vital part of my ’80s… and a great band to listen to again!

So I know it is not on this album… Odd… but I highly recommend taking this band “One Step Beyond” and delving into your Monday Madness!!!


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