Global Warming… A Hot April Day… And The Lion In Winter

One of my favorite films also has some spectacular music, but I don’t think I realized how great it was until my friend Patrick pointed it out. Going back and listening to the score was a great treat indeed… Now I just need to sit and watch this amazing film again…

The Lion In Winter Soundtrack

“The Lion in Winter is a 1966 play by James Goldman, depicting the personal and political conflicts of Henry II of England, his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine, their children and their guests during Christmas, 1183. It premiered on Broadway at the Ambassador Theatre on 3 March 1966, starring Robert Preston and Rosemary Harris, who won a Tony Award for her portrayal of Eleanor. It was adapted by Goldman into an Academy Award-winning 1968 film of the same name, starring Peter O’Toole and Katharine Hepburn.”

Talk about an acting clinic… Wow!!!  If you have not seen this movie, it should be on the very top of your list… a true classic.

The brilliant John Barry won an Oscar for this glorious music.  What a genius he was… Some of my most favorite scores came from this man!

AllMusic raves: “While many of the traditional Barry phrases and sonic textures can be heard throughout this score, there is no hint that the composer was resting on his laurels and doing a journeyman job. Rather, he chose to reach for new textures, inspired by plainchant and driven by the need to match the subtext in the film that involved the influence of the Catholic church on the lives and choices of the characters. Consequently, Barry’s score shifts in the most fascinating way between regal fanfares and haunting chant, resulting in this score being possibly the best work Barry has ever done.”

High praise indeed… Regal!

It’s funny, Patrick suggested something classical to combat the last few “blue” days I had… Today was actually a good day and yet here I am going classical of  sorts!!!

Regardless, this was a lovely way to end the day… Sorry for the late post…


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One response to “Global Warming… A Hot April Day… And The Lion In Winter

  1. Barry was amazing. One on hand he can marshal the influences you mention for Lion In Winter and on the other create the whole James Bond music template. He swings in Latin.

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