On Hump Day I’ve Seen Everything – Trashcan Sinatras Rock Me And Scotland

I have been pushing this band for a while… and I am not sure how many of you actually took me up on my offer.

Okay, it was not an actual offer, it’s not like I was saying I’d take you to Scotland to see them play… Although…

No, no… It was just me telling you that this is a band that must be checked out and explored… They are that good.

Trashcan Sinatras – I’ve Seen Everything

Their album Cake was one of the earlier blogs I did on Marc’s Muse: My Tunes… That is how highly I regard this band.  It is also one you might actually own.  It was a pretty big record in 1990!

“Cake featured the band’s largest worldwide hit single, “Obscurity Knocks” as well as a couple other alternative music hits (“Only Tongue Can Tell” and “Circling the Circumference”). The band were often compared to The Smiths and the success of Cake in the United States, where it spent three months in the Billboard 200, led to extensive touring in both the UK and North America in support of the album.”

This is their second release and came out in 1993.  I am literally in love with this band, and if you see them live, you will know what I mean.  They sound just as amazing today.  They are fun and easy-going and still love performing.  They are true journeymen and ALL of their albums are immensely enjoyable and listenable, from the first track to the last.

AllMusic is not as fond for “the quiet ones in a row in the middle of the album” but describes the others by saying “…these songs are so immediately strong, with some of their most urgently catchy words and tunes…”

Me… I love the whole damn thing… and really think you will, too.

So I am keeping this short and sweet today, so you can go out and actually listen to some amazing music… LOVE THIS BAND!!!  LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And if you don’t we will no longer be friends… Okay, we can still be friends but I WILL have you committed!!

“Easy Read” – Live Version

“Easy Read” – Album version




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