When Life Is Taxing, It’s Time To Go To Venice And Make Some Spin Art

Well… I have been to Venice once.  Hated it.  It was the summertime.  It was hot.  The canals smelled and were overflowing with litter… and the gorgeous, classic Italian architecture was littered with graffiti.  I got food poisoning the first day and was stuck in the worst hotel I have ever stayed in.  The bed was like stone and the whole place smelled like mothballs.  Ironically, the best part was the most touristy… the gondola ride arranged through the AMEX office!  I finally felt better on our last day there and was able to muster up enough energy to take the famous boat ride.  It was fantastic.

If I ever go back to Venice it will ONLY be to stay at the finest hotels and eat in the finest restaurants… Doing Venice on the cheap SUCKS!

I will never forget a woman from Florence who told me that in Venice “they live on the water and can’t cook fish!”

Venice the band, however, is always amazing.  I will be seeing them this weekend as they do one of their many charity shows… For The Arts Benefit Concert with Jackson Browne and Glenn Phillips (Toad The Wet Sprocket)!

And if you happen to see Roger Waters doing The WallKipp, Mark and Pat are his backup singers!!!

Venice – Spin Art

Here is the thing about Venice.  They are amazing singers and musicians… AMAZING.  They are also truly some of the most decent, kind and easy to talk to folks you will EVER meet.

If you need more praise for this amazing band, how about listening to David Crosby, who calls Venice “the best vocal group in the country and one of the best bands of any kind I have ever heard.”

He has been a longtime fan, and in fact played at last year’s benefit show!

This album came out in 1999 and is in my top 3 along with 1997’s Born & Raised (my favorite) and 2006’s Amsterdam (they play there all the time and are huge there… HUGE!)

“The Man You Think I Am” opens with a great, bright harmonica and follows with some really smart lyrics… par for the course with the Lennon boys.  This music just makes you feel so good.

“Always” is a great track and one of the rare songs NOT written by members of the band!

“You said you’d save me
But I don’t want to be saved
I just want to be loved
And to love always.”

“The Road To Where You Are”… Gorgeous!!!

Their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” is magnificent and always a live show pleaser!!!

The album closes out with three super solid tracks, and three more faves… “One Quiet Day”

“World Upon My Back” is a rare Michael vocal.  He usually gets a few, and is great, too.   And his guitar playing… Wow!  Normally Mark and Kipp alternate on lead vocals, each with such a unique and stellar voice.  Pat, the other amazing guitar man, usually gets one as well!  And when they are not singing lead, they are providing some of the most gorgeous harmonies you will hear in Rock!

“Family Tree”.  Ahhh… So good… so very good… One of the most beautiful songs and so powerful, lyrically.  This is a concert staple and always manages to bring a genuine tear to the eye… Fantastic song.

“And when we say goodbye
To one of our own
We may be lonely
But we’re not alone.
Though the leaves will fall
And the tears will flow
May it always comfort us to know
The family tree will always grow.”

So if you have a lot of money, go to Venice and do it right… But also make sure you support this great band and amazing benefit show this weekend in Santa Monica…  


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